Why I’m so incredibly positive about the future

Amidst all the fake revolutions of today, one real one is taking place. Whether you help with it or not.

Amidst all the fake revolutions of today, one real one is taking place. I see so much light at the end of the tunnel, mainly because now I’m old enough to know what the tunnel is.

What is the darkness of 2017?

Nobody phrases it better than Jordan Sather: ‘Whether people kneel or stand for the national anthem, they’re still not moving’.
Whether they protest this or that, they’re still fighting amongst themselves.
The black poor against the white poor, the left wing poor against the right wing poor, ad infinitum.
And the world is going nowhere, and we get forever more illnesses and anxieties and we are frustrated, etc. 

We live in a fabricated illusion

Since the crack of dawn that has always been the wish of the ruling classes. Divide and rule. Give ‘m some breadcrumbs and entertainment. We always say that ‘oh, we we know that, we learned history‘ – and then, so naive, seem to think it no longer applies to today. We can not fathom there is evil and refuse to see how far it goes.

Whether it were emperors, aristocracy, nazis or ‘the 1%’, every era has seen its own Ministry of Truth, and its own Thought Police. And what with the mass media it has never been more powerful and dangerous than the past 60 years. We’re all rolling over each other, blaming and fearing the Christians, the Muslims, the atheists, the lefties, the racists – and, obviously, the traditional scapegoat, the Jews – and when we ask ourselves why, it’s always for something we have seen in The News. That News we associate ourselves with. That News that has now made it to our back pocket and can steer us any second of the day. At any given moment it can push the best button.

And where oh where is the light?

We seem to be living in one of those eras in which masses are waking up. 

Ever so slowly.
Baby step by baby step.
Little blogger by little ‘woken’ YouTuber.

John-and-Bobby-KennedyThe murder of JFK probably was the first event for some eyes to open.
Politicians and media selling us the Irak war opened millions of eyes. But then we fell asleep again.
Wikileaks, Edward Snowden, using the Internet to let the world know: this is what is hidden from you. This is how they rule you.

And today there is even an American president who 16 years ago at the foot of the rubble of the twin towers said: “This is not possible. I know engineers and they tell me that hit buildings do not fall like that”. Because he said that, masses saw it as proof he did not belong to the establishment. He was not part of ‘the mafia’. And the more over the top the mass media go with slinging arrows and mud in his direction, resort to the typical mafia-techniques as wire-tapping and bringing up dirt, the more proof they see in it. Has anyone ever been discredited more? They have to because it’s no longer working.

It’s right that incredible acceleration of events, that show they are panicking.
Ergo: that they can be taken on.
If it weren’t for their panicky reactions we wouldn’t have known.
We would have sunk back in apathy: ‘we can’t do anything about it’. 

John Kennedy - Misc. (1963)There you are, you own and control half of the mass media… and suddenly there are YouTubers who are watched more than CNN News. Or have more subscribers than all popular presenters of all mass media combined. It’s little miracle the MSM fight so hard to keep the remaining viewers by shouting ‘fake news!‘ and ‘conspiracy nuts!‘ in all directions (preferably combined with a keyboard existing of nothing but the buttons ‘racist‘, ‘biggot‘, ‘homophobe‘, etc).

One must be very careful when speaking about these things. People have been indoctrinated so much and for such a long time. It’s what every new person in this ‘revolution’ faces: sceptical looks, being avoided, thought to be a ‘radical’… for in general people do not want to hear darkness, it upsets their stability and whole view of life. They’d rather survive on lies than hear any unpleasant news.

If you repeat a lie long enough it becomes truth‘. Regardless of how crazy it is. That a few men flew commercial airliners in buildings and that this needed a ‘mastermind‘ and that he was hiding in a cave in Afghanistan and that with the biggest and most advances armies of the world it took 10 years to find him. Coming from a movie or a conspiracy nut this would have been laughed away.  So why is it a more acceptable theory than any other? For it has been repeated a thousand times.

So, no, you too cannot fight that indoctrination either.
Everyone around you is mesmerized by the Home Altar, the Ministry of Truth.

And here’s that wonderful positive news that makes these years so incredible:

Murdered, murdered, discredited

It is happening anyway 

Just as you are not breathing, but breathing is happening, and just as you are not thinking, but the thoughts in your head are happening, just as you do not create a revolution but revolutions happen anyway – that awareness is happening. 

I don’t need to ask you to be part of it. You will be. At the very least from the sidelines.

For sure, it won’t come easy. It will get a lot worse before it gets better. It will get ugly. Because these are the days of a massive power struggle. No power goes down without a fight.

Someone once said: “There are only 2 races. The decent and the indecent“.

These are in a mythical struggle today. Both need and use their own tactics of division and distraction, towards the masses and towards each other (I don’t believe for a second something will happen around North Korea).

What lays at the other end?

3-Kennedy-brothersWe will have the free electricity that thanks to Nicholas Tesla we all know to exist and that will liberate us, make armies in the Middle East redundant and incredibly reduce our ecological footprint.

We will have the cures that already long exist and have been hidden from us.

We will have food that no longer makes us sick and depressed. We will know the truth about the safety or effects of GMO’s and geo-engineering. We will know whether or not the current Global Warming is man made or not.

The dirt poor masses of Afghanistan and Libya and Syria will rise from the ashes and profit from the riches of their own soil. And, who knows, we will have the understanding we are all one on one fragile and gorgeous planet, before we destroy this one and have to jet off to Mars.

What can we do?

Day after day the media will try to get you indignant or emotional about one thing or the other. Don’t. We are all people with our different sensitivities. We are not each others’ danger. 

Try, softly softly, to help those around you with a bit of awareness. Step out of the self-inflicted ghetto of Western Media to get more perspectives, search on YouTube for those who can teach you more.

And above all, be happy. For here too I’m old enough to know that happiness is predictable: if you want it, you get it. It’s as free as energy.


A man that risked so much for us: 

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