Tolox, a village as a rock, on a rock, with a name that means "rock".

And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it”.

Not so in the Andalusian village of Tolox!

tolox-sky-lineThe name of my village means “strong rock”.

Or “high rock” – the opinions are divided. For the word comes from Phoenician and who still speaks Phoenician? We know that the villages ending in -ox have Phoenician origins, but that’s basically it.

You know, the civilization that battled against Rome? Hannibal and his elephants? Over a good 2000 years ago? If you don’t know, here you can read more about the endearing Phoenicians

So. Tolox has got origins from before Jesus. And having been here non-stop, on a rock that has become invisible under a blanket of white houses, but that is still everywhere – running through alleys and cellars and walls.

Foundations that have been tested for 2000 years, create very solid houses.

And solid lives. And solid craftsmen. And…

For Tolox is tolox in so many ways. 
Living here feels as though you literally built your life on a rock: the cleanest air of Southern Spain – and thus Western Europe; the steep alleys that ensure you become or keep fit; the 7 rivers that turn this village into the most water-secure one; the social fabric that results in one of the strongest safety tapestries still to be found in Europe.

And there is more.

Tolox, what can you tell about it, what hasn’t already been written elsewhere, more originally or by better writers?
History everywhere, grocery stores everywhere, little bars everywhere, health everywhere; a village you never have to leave for a supermarket.
Just no parking space.

Which is precisely the reason why the Top 5 Luxuries of Andalucia, are most top here.

I help with finding property in Tolox.


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