Thank you for another gorgeous day

Evening prayer after yet another gorgeous day.

Thank you for not giving me a partner who is compatible with me.

How else would I learn what unconditional love is?
The most precious of all types of love.
Thank you for not reducing my relationship to the right team, a product on a supermarket shelf, or a mere adornment of the ego.
If I cannot learn to love an incompatible person, what the hell would I know what love actually is?

Thank you for not providing me with like-minded people.

Though they are everywhere. We live in neighborhoods surrounded by people in the same income bracket. We go to bars frequented by peers. Not to mention how we are trapped in a Facebook ghetto of group think.

None of that makes us any more intelligent, wiser, deeper.

So thank you for my new life, enforcing me to have eye-popping insights when meeting sheep shepherds, seasonal olive pickers, refugees, gypsies, construction workers, bullfight aficionados.

Yes, they don’t read the same books as me. They borrow me the best book possible: the new one.

Thank you for these trees “blocking my view”.

For they teach me that it’s not the view lacking, but my eyes.

What in life can be irritating, difficult, frustrating, maddening… if your eyes are steered from a positive position?

OK, now I was paraphrasing the famous words of Marcus Aurelius.

Thank you for not constantly wanting, needing, desiring…

And remind me that thousands of years and dozens of religions and philosophies forever boil down to the same wisdom: Love, accept, embrace, understand.

That what IS.
If I do not have the talent to love what IS, I won’t have it regardless of  how much and how many times I try to change things and pull the world towards how I would see it fit.

The command is “Love thy neighbour” – as he or she IS.
It never said “as long as they behave exactly as you would want them to and fulfill your specific requirements“.
Are they neighbours from hell? How will foaming at the mouth and complaining and screaming and denouncing help you one step further? If they are really from hell, they will drag you too there.

When you can also sit down, look at them with surprise, and wonder how they became like this? And what a wise person would do to get to a level of understanding and liveability?

Neighbours from hell, tend to be from that spot indeed.
Is it not up to you, to get them out of there?
Show a slice of heaven?

Thank you for this day not having been easy, practical or comfortable.

Thank you that I don’t have easy access, flat, ample parking, right in front of the door…
And that’s just when looking for parking the car.
So it will not easily become my attitude towards everything.

Thank you for how that keeps me fit, ensures my body and mind do not become lazy or complacent, and how I will probably be fitter at the age of 70 than I ever was at 30.

Thank you for reminding me that it’s about becoming an athlete of life. It are the difficult steps and alleys to your townhouse that make you arrive forever fitter, with a more pounding heart, a more breathing mind.
For SURE the first weeks you will have to stop, out of breathe. Isn’t a forced stop exactly what I most need in 2018? When would I ever? Stop, realize, look around, at the beauty of what IS?

Thank you for meeting bias and racism and homophobia today.

For we have such a bias against bias.
And a blind eye for our own bias, which is nothing but a total block on wishing to see something from a different perspective.

If any athlete ever became a good one, it’s right because of facing hurdles.
Not to mention human evolution: if we had had « safe spaces » before, we would have been long extinct. Or not a species of any significance.

Beauty sits in the eye of the beholder. Anything does. Don’t make life about the silly wishes of the ego. Make it about improving eyes.

Day, thank you for improving me.

You dragged me again, as a helpless little rock in rapids and waterfalls.

Yet again a tad more round and smooth than yesterday.

Thank you, Father, for it being a day that was about building character, kindness, courage, humility and understanding.

Repeating day after day after day, that it’s not about advancing my name or my life, but of the whole of character, kindness, courage, humility and understanding.

Day, when my life ends, what would I care?
I’ve had days like you, that you can’t buy with a billion Euros.

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