Moving to and settling in Andalucía

You had decades to learn all the ins and outs of your own country. Now you are thinking of moving to Andalucía and you can feel overwhelmed by this avalanche of questions.

First and foremost: Is Andalucía something for you?

Will you be happy here?
Every year tens of thousands of people come here to look for property – booking flights, car rentals, hotels, a trusted estate agent, a recommended lawyer – only to discover that, no, Andalucía is not for them. That’s an immense loss of money, energy, and comes with a feel of failure.

There fore this is the most important question of them all: should you think about Andalucía?  That’s what this blog is for. 

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“Would you be happy in Andalusia?
Or in the Garden of Eden for that matter”? 

Is the anwer: Yes?!

Then this is what I do: helping you move to and settle into Andalucía.
From A to Z.
Or just any phase in that:

  • Second opinion
  • Introduction days or trips
  • Helping you find the one trusted estate agent
  • or be your Property Buying Agent myself
  • Overseeing renovations
  • Help with integration and settling