“Is Andalucia something for me”?

Is living in Andalucia something for you? A blog with all the questions you could answer for yourself.

“Does it even make sense that my husband and me are going through all the bookings for flights, car rental, accommodation…”? 

It’s in my nature to close the topic right there and right then by saying: “Of course it is”

In my 10 years in rural Malaga though I had the flabber-gasting insight that, no, Andalucia is not for everyone.

To me personally that can be puzzling. For what I see is a full-time Yoga Resort, a full-time Gym and a full-time Museum. Space, fresh air, colours, a strong social fabric: these are proven pillars of happiness.

But there you go, for many people it will take decades before they will see their level of happiness increase… and who wants to invest in decades of waiting?

Hence this blog

Whether or not you will be happy in Andalucia, and how much so:  ultimately it’s your decision and feel.

All I can do is to bring up the questions and everything I learned in my 15 years here – so you, dear reader thousands of miles away, can get a feel.

If ultimately you decide that Andalusia is not for you, then I still hope that you, as Rilke said: “loved the questions themselves”. 


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