Build your house on the rock

All FAQs when buying property in rural Malaga.

This Estate Agent wants one thing only for his clients: and for anyone else for that matter: that they built their lives on a rock. In all aspects:

  • Safety
  • Health
  • Legality
  • Financially
  • Culturally, Integration, Language

E3E8E037-7245-4DCA-BF93-DEC814931FA4In Tolox and Alozaina

Hello Visitor! 
After 18 years here, and being highly programmed myself to look for safety, health and happiness, I hope to be able of help with all questions and properties, everywhere in the Sierra de las Nieves, starting from the heart of it, Tolox

Your list to print out

These are the FAQ’s of newcomers to the region: 

  • How does the Buying Process work (the 3 steps)
  • Which lawyer or gestor for the buying process? Differences and costs?
  • What are the differences between urban and rural land?
  • What is that AFO Certificate for properties on rural land? How to get it?
  • The construction stop on rural land. What is allowed?
  • How do bills work (electric, water, IBI/Council Tax and basura/garbage)
  • How to learn
  • Best internet
  • How to get post on rural land? 
  • Schools for children, how do they get there?
  • How to bring dog (passport, rabies jabs, dog friendly hotels)
  • How to get OCA licence for horses
  • How to import a car
  • How do bills work (electric, water, IBI/Council Tax and basura/garbage)
  • Best internet
  • Removal logistics
  • Gardening and maintenance tips for gardens or land, and is it needed?
  • How to maintain swimming pool
  • Why and how to get Spanish driving licence
  • Tax residence and paying taxes in spain
  • How healthcare works here for expats – doctors speaking my language?
  • Finding a dentist and optician
  • Law re driving in spain – what to have in car
  • Dogs – vets, collar, dog guard in car
  • Registering at town hall (‘empadronamiento’) – how and why
  • What bank to use
  • Buying Euros
  • Builders – what to look out for
  • How and where to buy a car in spain
  • House insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Different water sources (mains / well water / irrigation water / delivered water)
  • Can water be drunk out of tap?
  • Is Air-Conditioning needed?
  • Heating systems and fuels
  • Septic tanks
  • DIY shops and garden centers
  • Mosquitos – are they dangerous, how to stop and how to treat
  • Bonfires – when and how
  • Rubbish removal when you clear out rubbish left behind by previous owner
  • How to start a business – the admin?
  • Handymen or builders?

First questions you could ask yourself

As starter, these are the most important questions you might want to answer for yourself:

For questions contact me in English, Spanish, Dutch, French and German.


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