Andalusian Life

Inland Andalusia is not a region. It’s a state of mind.

It’s like living in a permanent Welness Resort.

The deeper you go into the countryside, the more it becomes a garden of Eden, a cure, a personal trainer, a poem, a museum, an investment in health, in survival… Andalusia is a Life Coach in itself.

In the past 15 years not a day went by without gratitude. Living in Andalusia has improved my health and tenfold my sense of happiness and I love helping newcomers to experience the same.

Ben Geurts
(An unusual name in Spain so I’ve become used to being named Ben Hurs). 

My Services

  • Second opinion
  • Introduction days or trips
  • Property Buying Agent
  • Overseeing renovations
  • Help with integration and settling


Call. (0034) 663 881 123

My Books

The Andalusia Happiness Test” is available for Kindle.
It is there for you to check whether or not Andalusia is something for you.
Order on or your national Amazon website.

4 thoughts on “Andalusian Life

  1. I purchased your book for Kindle and I’ve only read a little. But, it’s already provided a catalyst for where I want to die. I’ve been to Cancún twice now and I’m going again in January. I live in a rural town in North Carolina, US. I was born in Virginia. I am the 13 generation of William Richard Whitehurst that arrived in Virginia Beach in 1622. Something draws me to Mexico or South America on the beach. La playa rings in my mind. My father was a boat builder and I’ve been swimming since I was little. Thanks for getting my mind going again. I’m going to write a blog post on Mi Cancún. This is the name of the restaurant that my wife and I went to Saturday night for our anniversary. I am at the first part in your book where you talk about learning Spanish. I would love to do research on the Mayan culture and write about it in Spanish. I’m having so much fun and now I just want to move to Tulum (near Cancún). Thanks for the new blog post outline 🙂


    1. ¡Hola David! Wow, that’s great. Thanks for reading my little booklet. I wanted to put it for free but Amazon does not provide that option, so I had to put SOMETHING (well, the lowest accepted price). I hope you will like it. I’m having a few very busy weeks, so will be slow as to checking my blog. Not being Spanish, I’m still learning Spanish, which by now is alright, though I’m never sure that I do not make a ton of mistakes. Spanish speakers seem to be pretty relaxed when you do, going for the intention rather than the packaging, so I’m never corrected either. Write that post on Mi Cancún! North Caroline looks gorgeous, though I do understand the pull of the latin world. Me I thought it to be a very liberating culture. Thank you for reading my posts!


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