Andalusian Life

Andalusia is not a region. It’s a state of mind.

It’s a garden of Eden, a cure, a personal trainer, a poem, a museum, an investment in health, in survival… Andalusia is a Life Coach in itself.

In the past 15 years not a day went by without gratitude. Living in Andalusia has improved my health and tenfold my sense of happiness and I love helping newcomers to experience the same.

Ben Geurts
(An unusual name in Spain so I’ve become used to being named Ben Hurs). 

My Services

  • Second opinion
  • Introduction days or trips
  • Property Buying Agent
  • Overseeing renovations
  • Help with integration and settling


Call. (0032) 473 17 90 22

My Books

The Andalusia Happiness Test” is available for Kindle.
It is there for you to check whether or not Andalusia is something for you.
Order on or your national Amazon website.

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