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Mouth Mask Mandatory

So, where I live, the mouth mask is mandatory now. Everywhere.

Walking in nature? Mouth mask please.

mouth-maskInstinctively we all know that inhaling exhaled air is pretty bad for you. And “the Science” specifically told us that (before 2020 that is).

But there you go, science is as fluid as hell. There are millions of scientists on the chess board, and they are but the pons of who ever are the players.

We, with gardens or living in pure air, are still alright. Picture living in a studio in a city though. You only have muddy air left, every second of the day.

Humanity has transferred its faith from God to human authorities, and that belief has never been more blind.

Don’t do that!” the Bible says. “It will kill you“!

It has been killing us alright. In a forever faster fashion. It’s utterly tragic. A species that looks down on its own ancestors. That dismisses its wisdom collected over thousands of years. That, as a gorilla, pounds the chest about the wisdom of the own generation – truly as if wisdom was only invented over the past decades.

A species that let’s itself be lead to the big mass killers of unhealthy food and its cancer, towards a stunning array of ailments and Oil Wars and, while doing that, drags this incredible trail of ecological destruction through its own habitat. All for the new values being: Ease, Laziness, Indifference, Selfie-Metoo and forget about the 200 million vanishing in terrible famines. 

But how poetic justice is.

Or God, if you wish, or the Manual Of Planet, or the rules that hang on this holiday home for our species. It is utterly poetic. When you don’t respect the rules of the holiday home, even reverse them, and don’t pay the rent, that holiday home will collapse on you.

When you show to be indifferent to famines or dictatorships, don’t complain when they come to you. Didn’t you feel indifferent about it?

See the wonders of the mouth mask.

It stops us from talking? Well, we have talked enough, don’t you think? Now we’ve got a tool to focus on listening. To the chirping of the most fragile creatures on earth: maybe, just maybe it will dawn on us what we are doing.

Now we’ve got a tool for forced solidarity with everyone who was ever gagged, or is being gagged right now, in our name.

Now we’ve got a tool forcing us to sharpen our eyes and look more.

It’s only a mouth mask. Not a blind fold (yet). OK, that can be debated, if the media and school system are not blind folding us.

Look at what we’ve (still) got!
Can you see the miracle in it, the beauty, the nature, the advantages?
If we still don’t, then expect a blind fold to be next. And then confinement. Then shackles.
O well, there already long there, you just don’t see them yet. Your media rolls out your view, and ensure that you don’t look to the right or left, or up or down.

How poetic justice is. It always gives us, what we give onto others.

“you have failed to glorify the God who holds in His hand your very breath”

Who or what is God?
The one who put the Post-It on the fridge, with the rules of the holiday home.
Or a self-evolved Post-It. That does not matter. We are so indoctrinated in opposing Religion with Science. What opposition is that?? If you were a god, how would you work? With science. Doesn’t science already know for decades that all matter is made up of light?

Why on earth would you then be chosing darkness? Connect with negativity? That is begging for expulsion.

The reversal of all things, is going hand in hand with the reversal of our values. Once you start reversing the values and domino stones of the planet and humanity, that goes exponentially to all values, and then exponentially to all systems.

Don’t do this… it will kill you“!
Step by step by step bringing us closer to hell on earth.

Every step closer to earthly hell, is a red light, a blessing, a gift, an invitation to change our ways.

Ecce Homo. It’s not so that people don’t have a proof of God. It’s that they don’t want to find it. They don’t want a God with rules. They want their own rules. That is: none. The only rule that humanity wants, is to do what it pleases and makes it feel good.

This is what will kill them.

In Evolution and The Survival Of The Fittest, the harvest has started.

Who understands, that it’s the survival of the fittest soul, conscience?
If you don’t understand now, you never will.

2000 years to the Flood, washing a corrupt humanity away.
2000 years to Jesus, washing the corruption from humanity.
2000 years to now, the point where it will be burned away, by Fire.

When will humanity see, that diamonds are the result of extreme heat and extreme pressure – and that the whole immense story is an Evolution to get to a diamond humanity?

Humanity in general won’t. If anything, they will start declaring war on all who stand for values or have some sort of wisdom surpassing the trendy one of the day.

That’s why diamonds have value: because they are rare.


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