What is happening with the lettuce

“But what is happening”?!? the farmer asks. His voice is panicky.

“Does someone understand this??!” 

He points to the lettuce heads in his field.

“They are the biggest ones you can find,  the freshest, the healthiest, the most ecological ones.  And nobody buys. People go to supermarkets. Or they tell me that mine are too expensive. They are a bit more expensive, but twice the size. What is happening”?? 

How can you tell a local farmer what is happening?

That what is happening with the lettuce, is what is happening in everything, everywhere.

That once upon a time, humans reversed their values. They worshipped laziness, cheap, indifference, gluttony – all at the same time, and to the highest possible levels. Preferably in the most glossy packaging, as though they were nothing but magpies.

They worshipped it so much, that they no longer cared for their health, the own social fabric, exploitation elsewhere, slavery, dictatorships and the ecological destruction in between.

Harsh words? Oh, well. All other words and tones have been tried. The largest and final mass extinction of species has long started. This is no more time for subtlety.

The coming fires are a given, and they will be social, cultural, economic, political and ecological. For when one leg collapses, everything collapses. What you do to the lettuce, shows what a gardener you are. Ergo: earth has no more gardeners. 

Justice is poetic.

The mill grinds slow but sure.

It goes without saying: when the fires come, people will see themselves as victims. And spend 24/7 scapegoating others (and in the end, they will blame the jews).

You can preach a 100 years, but there’s a moment you need to get into the Ark.


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