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The Story

It is such a magnificent story.

0The story was about the rise and fall of thousands of years of civilisations. And explaining why they rose and why they fell.

The book pinpointed and summarised it, in 2 words only: Virtues and Sins.

This which creates happy and harmonious people, lives and societies – versus that which destroys people, lives and societies.

And throughout these thousands of years, forever the hint that a Saviour would come. Who did pop in the story, just at the location and the dates as foretold.

Saviour? Saving us of what

Of our destructive sins. That saviour took them on himself. At the great court, He took all the blame on himself and paid the bail.

So that we could carry on with our human nature, and our sins would no longer result in destruction, flood or fall. A blissful 2000 years of grace in which we could fully live our human nature.

(It goes without saying, human nature didn’t get it: a Saviour had to be someone on the most posh horse, surrounded by armies, … not someone with a bunch of poor around Him. Humanity itself had no idea what its actual enemy was; it goes on ad infinitum about “energies” but doesn’t get energy itself, it’s too busy worshipping its own 3-pound brain).

How did the story end? 

By people feeling to be so free, that sin did not only become rampant and the New Natural Law, … but even reversing virtues and sins.

And thus everything reversed. Seasons and climates, right and wrong, political and economic systems, law and lawlessness, … the garden of Eden slowly became a hell hole, with the Best Famines ever, Best Extinction of Species, Best selfishness, Best indifference levels, Best warzones, Best Deceit, and, especially, the promise of the most and greatest fires ever.

The storyline did obviously tell when that would happen, and how you could recognise the signs that it was time to prepare your mental, moral or physical Ark:

Return of Israel, Humanity losing its faith, instead of One Pilot, a rise of a plethora of gods and belief systems, all fighting with each other for supremacy, picking on the intricate configuration of the whole mechanism, and, finally, declare themselves to be all-knowing.

And not earthquakes, not droughts, not locusts and not pestilences would ring any bell to them, this much they were deluded or did not care about their history.

In what order did it end? 

Well, the usual order:
The world being stopped for a brief period of grace. A possibility to reflect and come to the senses. A beautiful melancholic smile, saying: you still have time.

Of course the number 40 was involved, for during thousands of years, 40 was given as ideal time to spend in the desert or on the mountain or praying or curing, and it had become known as a quarantine.

Of course the number 20 was involved, because throughout the whole story, 20 was the symbol of the end of an era.

And of course, those who knew the story, were prepared as paratroopers, and of course, those who knew the story will be persecuted, because sin hates virtue, is terribly jealous and afraid of it, and hates it to be stopped in any selfishness, indifference, or party as though there is no tomorrow.

And of course, those who know the story, have no fear whatsoever. Zilch. Obviously, they will also go through the shocks and chaos to come. But they know that it are extreme heat and extreme pressure that creates a diamond. Just as they know that for any end of an era, there’s a seamless transition into a next one, and also that one they have already planned and prepared for.

All the perspective lines, historically, scripturally, politically, economically, are converging this autumn. We will all experience that moment, that someone with a very pale face will stop us and say: “Have you heard“??!

Those who know the story, will just smile, and think “yes, I have, years ago”. 

The financial collapse, the collapse of Babylon and then its being torn by other countries, the panic and fear and demon-like behaviour of mobs and masses… they have seen it, digested it, prepared for it, it will not come near them.

It’s not our fight.

Let others pull the world to darkness, if that so obviously is their Comfort Zone. You always get what you want, always get what you ask for. Also if that is living hell.

We are already transitioning and preparing the next phase. In the course of our lives, each of us has already moved towards Eden, and knows how to organise it.

The truth will set you free, make you fearless – and that’s why the story will be banned.

We give permission, we close the door.


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