It’s now about saving people

We all know what is going to happen. And what it will be blamed on. And how that will spiral humanity even deeper into death, fear, deceit and bondage.

We see that the whole world has become a stage, no more square inch without deceit, with deliberately created chaos in order to pull over one empire in favour of the next one, and mainly to hide that the financial system is broken. Confused masses, are meek masses, and masses who will accept the “saviour” once that one is presented (being groomed and trained behind the curtains right now).

We see that there is no more way to get people to listen to you. It’s LittleYou versus AllBigOthers – all 24/7 Media and Systems. The tiniest of little Davids versus the most overwhelming of Goliaths. Spartacus or Jeanne d’Arc made unfit, ill, emasculated, divided, confused – versus an empire 100 times bigger than Ancient Rome.

So, now what? Just sit there, through this calm before the storm, become numb and let it happen? Maybe even hoping that you will be one of the first to go? That is an option.

But even then, “a warned man or woman is worth two“. You can no longer escape the fact that you will be stronger than anyone else. It doesn’t matter what the first shock is, be it collapse of USA, of the financial system, or the weakening of hundreds of millions of people resulting in a stunning “2nd wave”. It doesn’t matter. You already are located in a moment in history, in which you will be twice as strong as anyone else.

Know thy enemy“. Check. You’ve got that covered.
Know the tactics and viruses of fear and confusion and Divide-and-Rule. Check. You’ve got that covered.

Whether you want it or not, are sinking back in despair about humanity or not; you will be the strongest, most mentally fit person around you. That will have a magnetic pull. You might not realise it now, but there will be a point of so much fear and confusion, that all of a sudden, people might gravitate towards you. Or all of a sudden remember everything you ever posted or said (mind: also in a negative way: “you see, you never believed in…!“).

You can no longer stop. You’ve thrown the stone in the pond. As that little shepherd boy once did, out of boredom or to chase away lions from his flock. Having no clue whatsoever that he was developing a talent, that at one point was going to defeat Goliath.

(Do I think that you or me are going to defeat this Goliath? No. Goliaths defeat themselves. Babylon’s collapse onto themselves).

Now this is only a suggestion: you might want to use that gift, not just to protect yourself, but to save the occasional person here or there? It’s not about you trying to pull people to your side; it’s about saving others. Saving“, if only of useless fear or of a role as Usuful Idiot in the proxy-armies of the powers. 

Yes, a hundred people will not listen to you. But one or 2 or 3 or 4, might.
“He who has ears, let him hear”.
It might have to be very clearly open ears and eyes, with a talent for self-study and self-motivation, for there won’t be much time. It’s in the nature of all things to be exponential, thus the next catastrophe is bound to come even more sudden and be more shocking than any previous one.

You hang in there. You were born for a time like this. That time that, finally, is going to make you to pull out the most exceptional version of yourself. Who will have to battle in all directions, zigzagging through the field of mines and ostriches with their heads in the sand – and you will be able to do so. You lived, loved and studied the human experience, used it to improve yourself, so it’s only Exam Period. Chances are high that you’ll succeed.

You already are prepared.

You will see, when the first moments happens, when someone tells you, all pale: “Have you heard what happened”?! At that moment you will notice your own melancholy little smile.

Yes, you’ve heard it, so long ago.


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