Poetic Justice

When we don’t care about nature, nature won’t care much about us.
When we don’t care about the existence of an authoritarian Chinese model, we might end up living in one too.

The things we humans put out there! “Nah, situations as Irak, Lybia, slavery, exploitation or Venezuela don’t bother us”.

OK then, history says.

Just how many white farmers have been killed by now, or their properties confiscated in South Africa? We can’t be indifferent by that… and then be shocked when it happens to us.

Justice doesn’t need an adjective. You’re either just, or you’re not.

Life is very poetic. 2020 has provided us with mouth masks, as though it’s saying: “You’ve all had a whole life to talk”. Or: “Talk less, think more”.

May we hope that in days of reckoning, the great A.I. of nature, universe or God, will distinguish in levels of judgment, or that we all individually are still able to change the course of history by repenting and doing better as of now.


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