How do you get out of Babylon?

Get out of her, my children”.

1. So that you don’t partake in her sins.
2. So that you do not contract any of her plagues.

1. By not partaking in her sins.
And surely you can think of a few, from how we live as Roman Emperors on and of the slavery and exploitation and oil wars elsewhere, or how our lifestyle drags a terrible trail of ecological destruction through the world.

2. By not contracting any of her plagues.
Uh? Not cooperating in the judgment? That’s not possible.
Yes it is. For all judgments start “lightly”, with the ripples of fear, anxiety, confusion.
That’s how dictatorships start, for these are the main mass control weapons, and they are bigger enemies than whatever meteorite you can get on your head. Fear, anxiety, confusion already half kill you. They are the worst plagues.

And of course, that almost shortest verse of the whole Bible:
Remember Lot’s wife”. Don’t turn back. Don’t  look with melancholy to all those glossy shops and parties, all those Media holding you hostage to Babylon’s ailments and hatreds: it’s the future now that counts.
That’s simply healthy survival advice for anyone, regardless of the belief system. Looking back only results in confusing double think, and half hearted traveling – like seeing a baby being born but not cutting the cord.


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