Which of the 2 directions will you take?

Dr. Jordan Peterson observed that heaven and hell are eternal places:
All people walk towards one of these 2 polars.

Look around you. Where are you? Closer to hell or closer to heaven?

Personally I have fully cut the umbilical cord with hell; most people though try to compromise, navigate to a spot that would give them the benefits of both.

Well, not that hell has any benefits, it only appears so, by making the apples look most shiny. They are apples filled with exploitation, slavery, destructive transport, modified genes, just one cancer bullet in the war on you and anything else. But there you go, it’s an apple with easy access, easy parking, easy opening doors and easy listening (you also have politicians of this type).

A year as this one, will really push people towards a fork in the road: either one direction, or the other, no compromise possible. Which is good, because double thought or double longings, is an auto-torture device, or it does turn a person into a pillar of salt. You cannot partake in the ugliness of one spot, and expecting to find the beauty of the other. Heaven and hell also sit in the mind and heart: they too will have to chose, if only to avoid some vein popping.

The more the chaos and confusion will increase, the more we might see two very distinct caravans: into and out of Babylon. What with the screw of time and laws and economic destruction, chasing people out of the countryside, babystep by babystep, that exodus can even become literal.

We will see forever more hell-like fire, be it natural bushfires or controlled EMP-assaults, of monuments, old cities or new cities, fire will be the element of this era. And at one and the same time, we will experience a refreshing rain of what some call “the Awakening” and others “the Revival”.

2 very clear and significant trends, in 2 opposite directions, to the 2 polars.

They will follow the same symbology. Few people know that the name of God is: “I am”. The marketers of A.I. sure know that, for the slogan is “I am AI”. Few people know that the opening shot to hell was given with a bite in a fruit. A certain Big Tech. company sure does know that. That list is never ending.

We’ve had many a canary in the coalmine. Talking Heads sang “we’re on the road to nowhere”. That was true. In 2020 though, we are all on a road to somewhere.

Mentally, morally, physically, educationally, socially: dozens of times a day we’re at a fork in the road. Leading you further towards one, or the other. Away from the fire, or towards it.

(For Christians, jews and Muslims, these 2 paths will only cross at one single spot, where it will deliver its biggest and final fight: Jerusalem. Survival of the fittest, if you will).


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