That unfolding story of 2020

According to the story, Israel would come back. 
And it did. After 1900 years. Filled with people who came from all corners of the world. All other people who are in diaspora, lose their identity within 2 generations, but not so the jews. Israel would come back, turn green and prosper. Check, check, check.

That would be the beginning of the end: humans would lose their faith. Check.

They would become lovers of self, proud, disobedient to parents etc. For sure there have always been lovers of self (the march upwards of the mirror did not help). Have you known of an era though, in which half the world’s population dedicates a page to the self, to selfies and buys selfie-sticks?

Then droughts, famines, locusts, pestilences. Sure, they’ve happened all throughout history. The script says though: “When you see all these things”. So all these things together, at the same time. And you would see them. That is only possible since the era of TV and Internet. This is the first time in history that all these things happen at the same time AND that we see them.

Which brings us to 2020. In the Bible, there are numbers that have a great significance. The number 40, for example, or the number 7 (both numbers are still used today, for example for the 7-day week, based on the creation story, or 40 in our word quarantine). And so does the number 20: it stands for the cycle of completeness. Double 20? Christians who always return to the Bible for any answer to anything, were prepared for 2020  as troopers. Not just for the first turning of the ship, but the far greater surprise yet to come. They went through years of securing our paradise of stability, security, safety, to prepare for 2020.

And for the next 7 years of fire to come. The Beast to come, world wide literal fire, and world wide spiritual fire. “Global Warming”? Yes, of course. How do people actually think that the divine works? That the divine does not operate with EMP and science? That it’s an old man looking bewilderedly at a planet, not having any clue that it contained the resources and knowledge for A.I?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find prophecying not that difficult. It’s entirely logic that where people lose faith in the divine, that they will turn towards themselves as gods or put their blind faith into something else. Just as you can prophecy that where a world is governed by greed, short term profit etc, that there will be Global Warming. I don’t even find that Wisdom, it’s just common sense,  an entirely logic result of very short term thinking and attention spans. Just as how you don’t need to be a follower of Jesus at all, to know that 2020 will still come with a massive blow of a surprise.

Regardless of the how, what and why: we did find the resources and knowledge for many a thing, we all know about the existence of good and evil in ourselves and how it fights – and we will find more truth and wisdom to come.

The forces of indoctrination, division, distraction, confusion, fear, control and pitting people against each other, are coming out so strong and out in the open now – that the Revival and Awakening are but a matter of time. Again entirely logic. Action-Reaction.


PS: I’m sorry for that ugly photo. It’s just all around us. A level of evil that’s  almost comical, as though we’re dealing with a cartoonlike Cruella de Vil.


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