The Asterix Way

May those who have ears to hear, hear.

AsterixSo the Romans are coming?
You create bubbles.

Of which you are the epicentre, the motor. There is no option. You just have to fall in the magic potion. Focus on your health, wisdom and strength first. You buckle up. 

Then you build the first wall; these are the people directly around you; your family and direct neighbours, or those you want to protect most.

And then you keep on building concentric circles around them.

Call it a pack, if  you wish, or a tribe, those 2 structures we always fell back on, and for very good reasons.

Your very first action: talk, now, while you still can. The time will come that you won’t even find blogs like these. The time will come that there will be so much fear, that even people within your closest circle will refuse to listen to you. In case you are already screaming in the desert, here is a suggestion on how to get people to listen to you.

Whatever it takes, help them to remain healthy, or out of the viruses of confusion and fear. Very gently agree to disagree, and love each other no matter what.

Never ever be scared, only prepared. 
For whatever wave is rolling towards you:

  • A wave of deaths of elderly this autumn? Not for any virus, but for all of them, because of being weakened and made depressed?
  • A much publicised “2nd Wave” with a lockdown that will be much longer and much harsher? You getting used to a bit of freedom already being freedom?
  • In combination with a terrible wave of unemployment, collapsing economies, and hyperinflation, making banks disappear, and a new financial system of the new Empire?
  • Resulting in an ocean of poverty, social unrest, crime, disunity, and a scream for a saviour?
  • Who will, obviously, come. Order-out-of-chaos: all dictators create chaos, to then offer the solution and be seen as the saviour.

First and foremost, open your eyes. 
If you don’t know that the Roman army is marching over the Alps, it will all be too late. According to the philosopher Hannah Arendt, creating Confusion is a tactic, to weaken resistance and create a feel of hopelessness. Understanding confusion, makes you unconfused.

It’s not danger that is stressful; it’s not knowing what the danger is. Wisdom and knowledge make balanced and strong. Which you will have to be, because few around you will.

We have let this happen. All laws and regulations and crowd management are already in place. Even your already existing behaviour. It will be very hard up to impossible to turn that back. What you can still do, is ensure that this is where to draw the line.

If you don’t, the line will draw you.


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