Self Improvement

Find your frequency

You might need to discover this asap.
This year might become so overwhelming, that you would wish to know a grain about it.

If you are not into scriptures or Jesus, that is. It’s the same.
Just how powerful you are, when you step into your mission or frequency.

Yes, you there, you are powerful.
For thousands of years you have been told you weren’t, your confidence has been so effectively broken (together with your religion, history, health, social structures, unity) that it will be very hard to even take seriously. You better do.

We are facing an incredible battle. 
You have no option. You have to become the fittest and wisest and most calm and beautiful person there is 🙂 So that people will be drawn to your energy. And want to have what you have, listen to what you say.


PS: In case you are still clueless about why you need to get your hand out of the sand:

The tactics of Fear, Division and Confusion (read Hannah Arendt), Collapsing economies, hyperinflation, savings disappearing, immense push to cashless society, nudging independents and small businesses into the grid, populations that have both been weakened, and will know waves of social unrest… you want more?
Never ever be scared, but prepared. Don’t let it all take you from left field.

How to get people to listen to you?

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