How to get people to listen to you?

Ears have walls.
They have grown for decades.
Decades of 24/7 injections by Media and Schooling Systems.
How, oh how, can you still open eyes? 

personal-trainer-andalusiaAs in dancing: Pull, don’t push, lean back, don’t attack. 

Being pulled on the dance floor is terrifying. As every woman knows who ever wanted to force her husband to dance: you seduce him into doing this. 

You let him be. From a safe distance, you make him proud of you. Then be amused by you. Then seeing how fun it is. Then comes the moment he starts tapping to the beat. Then he slowly stands up and balances from one foot to the other. Let him be, that’s exercise, it’s trying to slip into the rhythm.

Make it attractive, safe.

Your only task is to open the door. Invitingly.

Say: “I go for a run around the block“.  In case someone asks why, don’t jump to the occasion, just say: “Sitting inside is making me weak. My auto-immune system needs some strength“.

And you go for a run, and just let the thought hang there. It will perform its miracle. Far better than any debate would do. You just go for a run, and come back all happy. Which will cause another penny to drop. Someone will look up “auto-immune system”. Someone might start to understand your point of view.

You just do your dance, have fun with it, become stronger for it, .. and leave it up to the minds of others to connect the dots. The stronger and happier you are, or the more confident, the more that people want to have what you have. 

Judo, not boxing, is the best debate

Boxing is A Guarantuee for all thorns and defensive walls to be fortified; all inner knights rush to the ramparts, to defend them.

That’s why debates are so exhausting and so often do not lead anywhere. They become fights. Whereas all you need to do is to step back and open an intriguing door.

Be the change you want to see in the world“.
It’s instantly good for you, and invites others to see things like you do. 


PS:  did you know about the Talking Too Much Issue?

Did you know that people who talk too much, too fast, too loudly… can be quickly seen as being of low social status?

Because the instinctive reasoning says: they do that, because nobody ever listens to them.
If he or she really had authority, people would want to hang on their every word, would want to focus even on a whisper. 

You do you. You make you interesting to hear out. It’s not debating that does that. It’s you looking like the shiniest product on the shelf.

The blog section called Missions, is all about helping you with succeeding in your (and our) missions of 2020.


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