Dear God, Universe, Evolution, Nature and Energy,

Is this really happening?
Do we soon have to give you a No-Confidence vote?
For the first time in millions of years, say we don’t trust your auto-immune system?

88442094_10157220404628940_1260298925412188160_oDo we soon really have to bury the Nuremberg Code? 
Its very first paragraph about personal consent?
Of all laws, this one, that took an immeasurable toll on humanity, in order to create it? And which is the reason why “mandatory something” is incorrect; such a thing does not exist, only in the minds of people.

And do we have to do this, in which is arguably the most disunited and chaotically led world in a very long time, with barking drones and robots and collapsing economies? (*)

And we have to do that in a rush?

Really??? Such an ominous and ultra-historic something, needs to happen now??

What’s the rush?? Is there a certain fear that there will be too many like me, waking up? Does humanity want to have it rolled-out and ready, before any risk of too much thinking? How come that media even pretend to find it strange that people become paranoid? And not even do anything to cure, help, debate… anything really?

God, Evolution, Nature, Universe, what do you think?

What do you think that we should do?
How will your reaction be?

If I were evolution or nature, I would be seriously upset.
But then again, who am I, this ant on a grain of sand in a spectacular mechanism of which we know zip.

I assure you: Nobody is anti-whatever. I have no clue why the media comes up with such expressions. Everyone is pro-health, pro-safety, pro-security and pro-caring for others. People are anti-force. Like in constitutions of most countries, remember? (Oh, wait, you are going to throw that away too?).

Just as I have no clue why if one person would trust a solution… they then still need others to do it as well? What kind of confidence is that? 

I wish we could bring back the debate to a reasonable level, but it seems that most of us, are deprived of that possibility.

Help us. 
Love you and trust you!!!



(*) I specifically did not mention the real issues of today: the hundreds of millions pushed out of work right now, the extra 100 million people that will slide into famine because of this, not to mention the tens of millions dying of cancer and flu; all issues that are not addressed anywhere. The reason for not including are that the message is ominous enough in itself, and the last thing I would want is for people to give up.

Also I did not yet want to go into the next step: that once the world is in chaos, the call for a political saviour will become strong – and of course such “saviour” will come. It’s not the current chaos or the current villains that are the biggest danger, but the future chaos and players.  When you write a post, you have to start somewhere. My hope is that people who start to ask questions now, will keep doing so in the next phase.

It is for all next phases in this era, that I started with the Category namedMissions“. Here I want to post as much tools as possible, that can help you to help those around you. All suggestions are welcome, just as when you need an extra opinion on a problem that you are facing!

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