Can we make the debate a reasonable one?

The so-called “mandatory” polio procedure, is not mandatory at all.
You can politely decline, and there will no repercussions.

Which stems from the 1st paragraph of the Nuremberg Code that states: “1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential“.

For all of us, health is gold. If you believe that your immune system is not broken, “then don’t fix it“. Health is always worth it, to investigate for yourself, join debates online, and definitely consult a medical doctor or professional before taking any of the following for granted:  

You, like anyone me or anyone else, are simply a person with reasonable doubt and personal reasons. For example: you find, as many doctors do, that something of which the long term effects are not clear, should not be injected into you. A generally accepted rather reasonable timeline would be after 4 years of seeing mass effects.

Sure, also that is highly debatable. For example, how do you know at which point you “caught” your cancer? Is that really only 4 years? At any rate, also for me 4 years could be acceptable (but then again, I’m over 50, at age 21 I might think differently).

Medical doctors are bound to the Oath of Hippocrates:Don’t do harm“. So where you have reasonable doubt, or doubt that they know what is in any injection, a gently conversation about this oath simply indicates that health is also your first worry.

If for example any product contains MRC-5 (aborted foetus cells and other DNA), you could have the right to decline the service. This is also the case when there is a chance of a iatrogene reaction: the reaction between medications and other. If the doctor says yes, then you thank the doctor and do not proceed. Or ask for a copy of a double blind placebo test proving that the product is safe.This is how one in some countries can legally and respectfully refuse the service. Or ask the complete list of contents. Without “informed consent” one can always refuse. In most countries, laws say “don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t force“.  

The whole very reasonable debate is completely overshadowed by throwing around dismissive terms and a rather vague idea of that something would be “mandatory” etc. Whereas if you protect yourself with an experiment that you trust, you are fine, and my protection of myself should not be of any concern to you.

Polio was long over its peak, before anything was started and tested for 3 years. Which happened at the very same time as the roll-out or knowledge about Personal Hygiene.

May this debate become a more transparent and mild one, in which people are actually grasping the fears or doubts of the other.

Something that was concluded in Nuremberg, of all places and times, should never ever be overturned.


PS: I am sorry for not using certain words. Too many debates about this topic are disappearing or being blocked. You might want to print out the Nuremberg Code.
PPS: Calling something “mandatory” when it isn’t, isn’t that predictive marketing or programming? But that’s a whole other domain.

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