Love your neighbour. Now.

Not tomorrow! In 2020 a week can change everything.

convivencia2You can simply see the contours of a civil war coming.
The one between those in the Matrix and those out of it.

Call it a religious war: those worshipping humans, and those who do not. Blind faith in humans as god – versus not having that faith.

It will accelerate very much, because: all other idols and golden calfs have disappeared. Celebrities broadcasting from their kitchen no longer look like anything admirable. Career, sports heroes… tackled. Investments, money, they are following. So, where will the void in humans turn to?

Humans are religious creatures.
They will turn to one or the other golden calf.
And there are only two left. Deception or Truth. How on earth can we still discern them?

Why now?

Videos on YouTube are being removed within days after someone posted them.
Thou shalt not have access to any alternative perspective any longer.
Thou shalt not accumulate wisdom.
Thou shalt be divided and pitted against one another.

A reliable vaccine in a year? That’s impossible. 3 years would be more like it. And still then you have to trust that there is no nano-technology in it, or that you will be given the possibility to have an independent check, before it’s injected into you.

Some seem to find that totally normal. But then again, some seem to find it totally normal to easy-access-easy-parking-and-easy-listening wise to buy cheap and easy cancer (10 million deaths a year). Such is the trust in the Human God. The faith that humans are wise and benevolent creatures, especially those who climb higher up the ladder.

The Christian preparation

This is not a christian thing. See the pied piper Pope. It’s a fully inter-faith and inter-nationality and inter-education and inter-everything thing.

Though the eyes of those who actually read the Bible, as opposed to having it served to them in Open Buffet version, are wide, wide open. They were double prepared (or double sensitive to the signs) for 2020.

What with 20 standing for the end of a cycle, and thus 2020 a Whopper in history.
And 2 standing for the complete division. So again a double whammy.
2 double whammy years in one: 2020 just had to be the earthquake of all changes.

You don’t  have to take that seriously. But then you should also not take the logic of 7 weekdays or giving the land rest after 7 years, or 40-ine after illness seriously. We did not throw that away.

You can call the Bible Predictive Programming – the tactic of already leaving images and impressions in the mind, so that people are accustomed/immune to them when they actually pop up. We are for example already completely familiar with the steps of the Apocalypse, just as historians are familiar with the steps of tyranny, which means it will not be such a big deal to us when it happens; you can already recognise the play when the curtains start to open. In this, as in many other things, both the Bible and history books are Survival Guides.

The NHS scenes in the Olympic Ceremony of 2012 might or might not be examples of how humans now use predictive programming (and who can forget that utterly creepy scene immediately afterwards?). That’s up to you to decide.

Where do humans learn such things? Of course from old and already long existing wisdom. There is nothing new under the sun. One day I will probably start yelling it from the rooftops: read! Read, read, read, read, before you go down in the misery and confusion of not having read, and there will no longer be any book to be found.

Love your neighbour as yourself“: it keeps throwing up more meanings and wisdom. Neighbours are your first and perhaps only protection: their well being, is yours.


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