The 9 children

Which of the 9 apply to you?
Jesus’ 9 characteristics in the Sermon on the Mount?

3 of them specifically telling which of His children will inherit the earth?

Notice that religion is mentioned nowhere. There is no “blessed to those who adhere to this or that religion“. No. The characteristics are the characteristics.

When He says “nobody shall come to the Father but through me“; what does that mean? Does it really mean that you have to know him, beforehand? Before the moment that He will separate the wheat from the chaff?

Will not those 9, have the faith and purity or trust or righteousness or courage, smile at that specific moment?

What do you think?
I’m no scholar. I have no degree in Bible studies. It also seems to be the least of the priorities. Faith is, mercy is, purity is, meekness is. Those who loved and had faith without any search for evidence or Bible study.

It is telling that Jesus is also holy in Islam and in Hinduism. And, as He said would be the case, is known in all corners of the earth. So a good 99% will or might recognise Him at that day.

Sure, the better they know Him, the more they will recognise who is not Him, so they stand a better chance not to be deceived. And still then, would anyone fitting those 9 descriptions, be deceived – and not be forgiven?

Your thoughts?


PS: “Inherit the earth”: that new earth, after fire has destroyed the old one, seeping with deception.



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