Update from Eden

In their lives, people move towards either heaven or hell.
It’s their choice.

Some go consistently up, some consistently down, – and most of us go through a permanent and confusing zigzag.

A year ago I realised that my life had brought me to a bit of an Eden-like environment.

Last night, after 7 weeks of lockdown, felt like falling asleep in the jungle of Costa Rica: sounds of rivers healthily rushing like never before, to the songs of frogs, dogs, a nightingale and a cockerel. In our relaxed 0% village. I smiled: Eden coming closer. 

Isn’t it amazing, how the 2 energies (Good and Evil) are rising at the same time, both revealing themselves more and more? Can you picture the increase? Can you imagine the clash to come?

Since the past weeks brought me into contact with the person checking the water levels, the person spidering the preparedness of the fields for the summer, the person watching out for bush fires, etc, I feel to be even ready to manage a coming new Eden (aka The Millennial Reign).

I won’t have jet lag or a shock in the transition from one world to the other 🙂
I’m so ready. To arrive there as a pioneer, and have it prepared for the first wave of immigrants.

It doesn’t matter if my fight against the coming new dictator, will bear fruits or not. Also that, is mere practise. If not in Eden, then for my own journey towards the perfect life.



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