Don’t worry, be happy

The greatest wisdom on earth.

You can change your life by one clap in the hands. I can think of several types of claps, though this is the loudest one:

Don’t worry.
Your own fear is your dictator, nobody else is.
Your own worries are your virus and illness, nothing else is.

Simply lean back and let driving be done by the most experienced driver: 
God. Life, if you wish. Universe, if you wish.

He takes you places! That your little imagination or own exhausting ploughing would never ever have taken you to. If anything, you take yourself to little places, leaning back takes you to heaven.

Don’t worry.
Yeah, for sure someone somewhere will attack you for it.
There are a 7 billion people on earth, of course you can’t please them all.

How do you know when you are on the right track? When a wild boar starts attacking you. Wild boars nor lions attack anything that is not moving. Someone attacking you, means that you live, and can be on the right track in the right direction, challenging the territory of the wild beast.

Say “hey wild boar“!  Are you here to teach me to become stronger? To run better? To become fitter? To become wiser? And you do all that for free? Wow. You know that I did read, and do know that all I need to do is show no fear? Zigzag?

Don’t worry.
Are you afraid for evil? Why?
You do know that evil is negative in everything, right? Most of all in courage.
It backs off from the moment you start staring it in the face. Or ignoring it.
Evil is a hyena, only going for easy prey that already seems to be dead.
Evil is a bunch of vultures, that you can chase away by clapping in your hands.

Of course I’ll face lions left, right and centre. I look too much as a man on a mission.

Which are the 2 commands most given in the Bible?
Don’t worry” (365 times) and “be joyful” (close to a 200 times).

If it doesn’t work for you just by a command, then go via these paths: “Seek Wisdom” and “love your neighbour as yourself”. 

I’ve probably devoured a 5.000 books (no exaggeration, estimation is on the lower side), and learned 5 languages… and it took me 50 years to understand that you actually only need these few phrases.


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