Societal Collapse on a shoestring

I am that one who is of the opinion, that you can only prepare psychologically.

Expect it, imagine it, all the steps, let it sink in, embrace it. 

Since for so many people, this is still hard to swallow, I’ll keep this post light hearted. “With a spoonful of sugar…“.

Please keep in mind that I haven’t experienced any collapse yet. Wasn’t there at the time that Babylon collapsed, missed the fall of the Roman Empire (well, I do see that both are coming back), so blame it on my young age. That me too am no captain in this storm, if anyone anywhere is.

In the psychological sense, Christians are prepared as elite paratroopers though. Because of the final book of the Bible, Revelation, many used December 2019 for the finishing touches to their preparations. And we asked each other: “Are you ready for 2020“? Because with that book, you see Nero coming, you see the colonials coming, you see Hitler coming. It’s the recipe book for all End-of-Eras, their signs, steps, and plans. So we definitely see this storm coming. And are using the current calm to prepare others. But let’s this make a post for non-Christians.

First, don’t be too naively surprised. 
Societal collapses happens every 100 years or so. We haven’t had one for a long time.

OK, this one is of the order as we haven’t had since – well, Noah or so, but let that not scare you. There are great advantages.

That’s the reason that preppers, MGTOWs, started years ago, just as canaries in the coal mine are the first. I must have listened a full time year to all tactics, but everyone has got a different take on it. In the end, none of them actually experienced a collapse.

Personally I believe that it’s not of much use to start hoarding and hamstering and barricading and hammering and sitting near water etc. All that complicated and expensive and labor intensive stuff. It just takes 3 hungry or desperate people to take over your whole personal Ark, so you have to have to be a judo master too. That’s not building your house on a rock. Your rock is already within you.

When the Petra-Dollar collapses and everyones bank account has vaporised and everyone is without electricity, we’re all in the same boat, and nothing makes as happy as equality. Nothing makes a character shine through as at times of catastrophe, so you’ll have the advantage of clarity too. Especially about yourself.

After all, “apocalyps” means revealing. Taking off the lid. Of everything. The moment to see the truth in everyone and everything.

Already today, in a calm world, you can see the true colours of people start shining through. Imagine what that is further down the slide. This is a moment to start spidering the ambiance that people carry with them, and whether or not these are the people you want to surround yourself with.

Distance from cities is obviously an advantage, especially in no-petrol times. When any step in the food supply chain stutters, cities, unlike the countryside, are going to have an instant problem. Hungry people are not the most moral or reasonable of creatures, so those that do have food, will be the first target. You don’t want to have food or water, or tools or shelter… you want to have it nearby. But that’s actually a rule for all times: don’t have things. Enjoy them, don’t carry all that weight with you. Nothing as heavy and exhausting as possessiveness. That’s like living in the Garden of Eden, but for some reason forever having to carry a chest with gold on your back.

Just be backpack ready. Well, without backpack. Have-Nots have an obsession with Haves, even if what you carry is utterly useless. You have it, ergo, you should not.

A sound or clever or wise mind, nobody can snatch away.
You have to be a moral Have.
It’s something you have to do on a shoe string.

Of course there are many things you can do to prepare. Establish connections with neighbours, ease the pain of the eternal useful idiots, build a tribe. Be pre-emptive in seeing the truth in everyone, so that you are surrounded with the best. Well, you know, just what every castle has always done (the whole blog section named “Mission” is about that, your mission in the castle).

And be happy.

Uh… what? What did you just say?

Er, yes, what I just said. Be happy. Socrates concluded that happiness is only possible by using virtues, and here you have a golden chance to be virtuous. And throw off all that luggage such as self obsession.

The Bible commanded 365 times to not have fear, and a 200 times to be joyful – and that’s a history and survival guide unlike any other. In the end, there’s only one account of Jesus sleeping, and that was in a storm.

If you neither trust Socrates nor the Bible, what then about your genes?

You stand on the shoulders of a very, very long line of ancestors.
Who in overwhelming numbers lived in times of insecurity, poverty and great danger.
Peace and prosperity, always was that interval between wars and famines.

Whether you know or not, you are prepared. 
You have an internal GPS pushing any gadget out of the market.
You might be shocked or desperate, your instinct will say: “O hello there“.

Or have you never seen images of a famine, in which there always were these gorgeous ladies, with their smile from ear to ear, as though being in a park on a blue, sunny day?

There is no fixed connection between situation and state of mind.
You squeeze that connection there, nobody else does.

No electricity? Well, neither Greeks nor Romans nor Moors or anyone had this. They did sing, play the guitar, fell in love and wrote poems.
No stability? Well, who on earth ever had this, bar us in the past 70 years? That was the abnormality. And people composed and wrote literature, did they not?

Happiness is and always was: a choice.

Heaven and hell are and always have been eternal places: the places that people chose to move towards.

One reason why I so love people that move into my region is: whether they know it or not, they chose to slowly move towards a picture of Eden. Maybe its gate.

And this, you can do anywhere.
You chose. You have no control over the world, but you are the master of how you look at it, and your thoughts.

Either you are going to be cursing the darkness, or you are going to bring a little bit of light.


PS: “If God puts a Goliath in front of you, then He knows that you have a little David in you”.

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