Why you should not fear being Little David

Little David won against all odds? Think again.

davidThis statue is you. 

It is the statue of a lowly shepherd, poor, short, a kid, in a corner in the middle of nowhere. You lived through all kinds of weather, with lots of dangers, such as wolves trying to attack your sheep, and you having to throw stones at them.

Goliath didn’t stand a chance. Big, heavy, carrying 100 kgs of weaponry, slow, arrogant, complacent, made delusional by popularity. He was a dead man walking.

Of course you can be Little David. Especially when using the weapons and weight of Goliaths against them.

There’s ONE thing you have to know about evil:

Evil is negative in everything. Evil is minus 0. Especially in courage. 

It is all about being sneaky, secretive, monitoring, fear to be discovered and fear to be not popular. Never be afraid to show the signs of your courage and faith and truth. It will be picked up, by algorithms and any surveillance tool under the sun. That’s how it backs off and runs away.

Evil is a snake, bending itself in all directions to seduce or charm. It’s no bull, no lion. It has never had to throw a single stone.

It can start with 5G and a chip – but why? Oh why? What kind of twisted power hunger is that?

For it needs YOUR wisdom, energy and soul.
Evil needs to build 5G or AI or EMP. You have it.

Where is the statue of Goliath?
Of Hitler? Of Stalin?
Dictators are the losers of history. You have already won.
Never have fear, but for fear itself.


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