What to do with neighbours from hell?

Suddenly they move in. The neighbours from hell! 

Do I have to describe them? Noise with capital N? Impossible to talk to?

And there you go, head over heels into an action-reaction spiral, not far off from the sleepless nights and fury of a war.

While you know at least one way to deal with them. You just don’t know that you know. You’ve been explained everything in this life, and oh so much we forget or do not take seriously.

Work with rewards.

One day the volume level is at 60% and not 100%?
Go thank them. For having taken your complaint into account.
Of course they’ll be baffled or not know how to react or curse you away.
Dogs don’t learn at the very first cookies either.

One day their shouts are happy, and not just curse words?
Tell them. Never the complaint, but the reward. That it’s so much nicer if your kitchen is shaking to a happy beat, than to the sound of insults and heavy metal.

One day they disguise as just a normally balanced neighbour?
Say hello. Have a happy chat. Train them in the beauty and rewards of being a nice person.

If we’re talking about the same type of people, those that seem to be at full out war with the world, then they expect you to hate them, expect you to call the police – that’s even their comfort zone. Society has rejected them, so they reject society. They are twisted karate masters always loving a new kick or move.

What they don’t know is: love.

Love your neighbour as yourself“. What good would that be, or what wisdom would that bring, or what lesson would that teach you, if your own small print says: “but only if they are like me and behave like me and are of my income bracket and education level and thought club”? 

How will you learn, what they have got to bring to your table?
How will you learn what “unconditional love” is?

Haven’t you always wondered how you would be as a teacher? Or a pupil in something surprising?

Neighbours from hell, can be sent by heaven.


Do they threaten to poison your cat? Invite them for Christmas. For they are spiritually homeless. OK, I haven’t reached this saint-like level either! I would like to, because saints are the happiest and strongest people and best influencers and society-builders. Which is why they are also the most persecuted. So let me still chew on that 🙂

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