Our Blind Belief

That there is no nanotechnology in a vaccine. That it will not connect us to 5G.

That the elite always keep us, little people, well informed, about how advanced the knowledge is.  That “we” are all in the same boat, we humans, governing together.

I’m not saying that the vaccine-5G connection is true.
I’m saying that there’s no such thing as an atheist. We’re all theists in something.
For some of us that is the human brain and ethos.

There is proof that…“, some say, without having any such proof: they are merely pointing to an invisible and unknown skie. A skie where that proof is supposed to be floating around. In their Bible, a paper, peer-approved, and riddled with deductions made by a 3-pound brain.

If there were a peaceful revolt, those Human-God-Dictators, can be stopped.
Life can still go to a place in which we all thrive.

But they have all the knowledge – about the effectiveness of fear mongering, dividing, and distracting. And they have all the channels, whereas we are forever more disconnected from one another. A post like this one, will instantly sink to the bottom of the search engines.

Opening as many eyes as possible, will we still be able to pull that of?

Satellites are launched by the hundreds. 5G, an experiment unlike any other one in history, is being rolled out like there’s an emergency. And all that in the midst of an epidemic, which is brought as the worst thing ever. While  the existence of “chemtrails” have been officially admitted, and we get the first articles about officially approved UFO’s.

If this isn’t like the days of Noah, then what is? 
Back then there were also 7 billion people. There were also hybrids, and was thus a highly advanced world. Those “days of old“, that “lost world“, that so beautifully connects religion with evolution. Back then it was water, now it will be fire.

Where from here?
Well, one will pray to 5G and the other to the unseen 5G.

That’s just the 2-division that has always been.
Cain versus Able, the good thief and the bad thief.
One leans on the own understanding, the other leans on the Holy.

They both have a god.

One has a god that puts them on the treadmill of fear, anxiousness, anger, fury, frustration, panic, arrogance, selfishness.
One brings carries a spirit of calm, peace, and brings an ambiance that lifts you up, in very turbulent times.

Right now we are all connecting to 1 of these 2 spirits.
In that true fight, of the 2 spirits, I wish us all a heartfelt good luck.


PS: Some believers think that The Chip will be the end. That is rather difficult to pull off, since hundreds of millions will make the connection with the mark of the beast. It has to be more intelligent/deceitful/quick than that.

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