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Jews and you

The time will come when societies will turn against jews.

When you see this happen, you know that you have to prepare for the descent of society and its final crash. That is simply history – fully circular – and common sense. A hungry mob first goes for the jews, and then for all others. You start hating jews and very soon someone will start hating you.

In religion it works like this:

God commands us to love and understand everyone. 
So what does He do? Put a people on the chess board that is more difficult to understand.
For what good is such a command, if it were easy?
The jews are the test.

In the Quran, the land of Israel belongs to the jews. 
Uh? So why then, are 50 Muslim countries so against Israel?
Because “they left brown, and came back white”. Ergo: they must be fake jews.
What good is a command, if it were easy?
The jews are the test.

(Is someone trying to push people OUT – or someone trying to push a people IN, using them as proxy army? In every battle there are 2 sides. Seeing one side only is being blind).

This is what it means to be “chosen people”:
Chosen as tool. Nothing else. That is NOT an easy task.
You try being spread to all corners of the earth, with as task to spread the message of One God and to be the light. You will notice just how daunting that task is (BUT it was fulfilled, first via Greek and Turkish islands towards Rome towards… well, all corners of the earth, and now back).

Jew and gentile”: who on earth divides humans this way?? Dividing the world into 99.9% on one hand and 0.1% on the other? Well, God does.

Talking about the children of Abraham, God said it 3 times: I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you“. 

That’s a seriously wagging finger. Saying, come push to the shove, this is the judgment. This is the test of your level of understanding and love.

Do you know a person or nation that hates jews, AND is happy, healthy, balanced, prosperous? I for sure do not.

Do I think that you need to exalt jews or Israel above anyone else? Be pro-them and anti-someone else? No. But deserving of the same level of understanding and love as just anyone else.

No person, club, organisation, society or civilisation will know harmony, if it singles out the jews instead of embracing.

Do yourself a favour, and focus some on the point of view of Israel. If only to gain some more wisdom or sense of diplomacy.


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