How to deal with tragedy?

Is a wall built to keep people OUT – or to keep people IN? (*)

Is, as in Israel, a people being pushed OUT – or a people being pushed IN, as abused proxy army and buffer zone?

In every conflict, there are 2 sides to a story. To see one side only, is to be intellectually blind. Or at least not fully see.

The ancient Greeks called this “a tragedy”: that is not the fight between a right and a wrong, but between two rights. The hopelessness of that, the inevitability of the drama.

It’s why Good-versus-Bad movies are entertaining: but Tragedies are compelling and unforgettable. One is popcorn, the other is as your life itself.

How do you deal with tragedy?
For starters, don’t be too much PRO-this-side. That merely means AGAINST-the other.
It’s not solving anything, it’s not making you wiser, not improving you as diplomat, if anything “what you resist, persists”.

The whole of human literature and human history, is Wisdom Literature.

This is what life is, could be and should be. The university course in wisdom. That’s why it lasts 80 years. Because it’s the domain most difficult to learn, needing most personal experiences.

Or as the Bible says: “Seek wisdom“.
It is God’s glory to conceal things, and the glory of kings to discover them“.

You don’t have to be religious at all. But you can be a king.
King David. King Solomon.
Take lessons from them.
If you can’t find wisdom, seek the company of the wise.

If you can’t, remember the only time that Jesus is mentioned to have slept. In a storm. If you can’t handle it any longer, go to sleep. Your mind will defragment all by itself, not needing you, or you being awake.


(*) When very much money is poured into something, you better realise that it’s for a businesslike Win-Win situation, two parties seeing an advantage. After all, also the Iron Curtain was said to be built to keep the west out; to then be used to keep the east in.

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