Benjamin Poems

Tribe of Benjamin

I know I speak in riddles,
but it’s not to you I speak,
it’s to send to someone else,
that will need it right this week.

Unsubscribe, because this blog,
never was for eyes and ears,
it was a song to the soul,
the soul that disappears.

Each bird sings as it is beaked,
and each finds their own wool,
to pull over the eyes at times,
that they don’t find really cool.

What are we all going to do,
when no stone is upon the other,
I mean, you know, standard history,
but anyway, don’t bother.

For Benjamins are coming,
It is why they will arise,
I knew it from the very start,
they come for teary eyes.

I saw it in their bodies,
evolution has a reason,
it changes and it is prepared,
for instinct feels the season.

Woosh, above our heads,
our tiny 3-pound brains,
and all our running to and fro,
evolution reigns.

No army is arising,
if it weren’t for a goal,
right now they are still insecure,
and slightly on the dole.

Generation Benjamin,
Generation Soul and Z,
I see your contours shaping,
right when there is a need.

It is said that it will come,
as a thief in the night,
and so do you, you little knight,
on time for human’s plight.

Don’t bother to understand this,
it will all become clear,
I’ve read the past and thus the future,
and the future she’ll be here.

30 years of history books,
were needed for me to see,
it’s just one book, just one repeat,
with the same cavalry.

You can give them any name,
Me I call them Benjamin,
the ones that come in with the trumpet,
the eternal regiment.

I know I speak in riddles,
but it’s not to you I speak,
I’m speaking to your future you,
the one after this week.

Benjamins are coming,
man they are just great,
barely 18, out of left field,
they’re coming, just you wait.

The youngest and the smallest,
the ones that are untouched,
unspoilt and un-everything,
the ones who’ll hold the clutch.


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