The Eternal Momma

There’s this momma, she forgives,
a hundred, a thousand times.
But at a million times Repeat,
she says: OK, it’s Closing Time. 

I will now gather my real children,
and the rest of that babylon?
Can stay with their own sugar daddies,
of money, self and sun.

I’ll come for you, ever so subtly,
the daddies will not notice,
I have deluded all their brains,
in the end me I am the POTUS.

Don’t you despair, when you’re still there,
you won’t be left behind,
as a thief, in the night,
I come for who are mine.

Those all, for sure, have greatly sinned,
that’s what children do,
10 rules and they will  break 9,
but Number One is new.

You know I never left you,
you were the one, you see,
that was and keeps on running,
running far away from me.

Momma, she can’t help you,
how could she ever do,
when it’s you who slams the phone on her,
such slamming, that is new.

You throw me out of schools,
and out of schools I go,
you throw me out of parliament,
and parliaments I throw,
you throw me out of art,
and look, look what is left,
you throw me off your money,
I forgave even your theft,
now you’ll throw me from everywhere,
so I’m a widow and bereft,
I’ll pick up cardigan and purse,
into what you call universe,
but my children… my children…
will be heft.

When you would create Lego,
in different forms and shapes,
and it would turn its back on you,
how would you behave?

I’m the eternal momma,
I’m the eternal dad,
but mind I’m also righteous,
yeah… that
that is the news that’s sad.
The news that you don’t live,
but that sugar daddies give.

I’m standing in the door now,
and ask still once: be wise,
if not, well I can’t help it,
turn to your own device.


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