Escaping Pharaoh

Pharaoh doesn’t sleep.
You know he never did.
Pharaoh is Pharaoh,
and we are in his grid.

89328174_10157224384668940_494516646061277184_oPharaohs never ever slept,
but fooled us that they did,
forever more intelligent,
oh Pharaohs, they are it.

You want to get away from them, then this is what you do: you look them straight into the eyes, no ostriching for you.

Chemtrails and emasculation, all “conspiracies” are true, it’s never been any different, it’s what dictators do.

The good news is that you and me, we’re all in the same boat, you’re only strong, can only cope, when you don’t sugarcoat. 

88442094_10157220404628940_1260298925412188160_oOpening eyes, before they’re closed, oh, sure that will not save us. And yet it will give you strength, when Hunger Games upon us.

You will not be educated, just as the plan dictates. As it always has dictated, ever since Pharaoh reigns.

You’re gonna fight amongst each other, just as the plan dictates, so you won’t see, who’s sipping tea: the slaves taking the baits.

Dictators rise, and rise some more, it’s what their genes dictate,  they are the greatest slaves of all, for heroes liberate.

But Cleopatra, she will come, seduce us one last time, but that is it, the final verse, of our 5000 year old rhyme.

Good luck to all, when that game starts, its shocks and desperations. May you be connected still, and still find this consolation.

It won’t be easy and for sure it won’t be guaranteed, for the ear and eye of Pharaoh have this specific need:

To kill your culture, your religion, health and history. It will all go up in flames, to be replaced, by his economy.

And we will cry, “but what’s happening, what’s happening to me“?! Nothing is ever happening, it’s being happened, you see.

When you can cage a billion people, for 4 billion you are skilled. It’s been in the works, for oh so long, our attention span was killed.

Now is the time, think for yourself, get out of all the labour. Create your kingdom, around of you, start to love your neighbour.

For it will be your very neighbour, who will be your enemy. When we are back to peasant status, where we are pushed to be.

Love them all, love everyone, they’re not your enemy. It’s the thoughts put into them, that age old recipe.

Once we were sent to sewing classes, now university. That is not meant to make us clever, for clever we can’t be.

How do you bring 6 million jews, to train and The Solution? Only with help of other jews, the Service Class, the Thought Police, the soldiers of illusion.

The gorgeous Silk Road has arrived in every single institution. Pulling all old powers, to their own destruction.

All will be shocked, and all will cry, “America has fallen”! I’ve seen the nations rise and fall, I know what is their calling.

And I’m just gonna sit here, and see it all pass by. In total peace and without fear, that Opera of life.

There’s no more way to fight it, for we don’t know the fight. Stumbling in the dark we do, no clue of wrong and right.

I will only witness, just observe, my own rise and my fall. What good is it to save my life, if I will lose my soul.


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