You’ve got a friend

Estate Agent”?! I so remember, “The last job I will do“!

“OK,” said someone, with a smile, “I’ve got a job for you“.

The dices rolled, life went on, and guess where I was cast. “And by the way,” that someone said. “it will also be your last“.

For ask and you’ll be given, just knock and I’m there. It doesn’t matter where you do that, because I am everywhere. 

I couldn’t sell a single house, unless when I let go. It made me smile to realise, I didn’t run this show.

But who, then, does the running, who does the fight for me? Bullies fall, and problems solve, life was my cup of tea.

Sure, “last job“, I know, that part is mystery. Let’s just sit back, and be still, I’ve got a friend in me.

He’s everywhere, while he is not, he never shows his face. He but sprinkles luck and signs and words, over earth and human race.

Noah Syndrome,” a paper said, of the lady saving dogs. And “angel complex” for the girl,
who was always kissing frogs.

Humans and their microscopes, how long will they keep peering. With one eye open, one eye closed, not seeing who is steering.

How do they think God operates, how do they think He builds? How do they think that He creates, like we do in his image.

You’re but tissue, you’re but cells, stop thinking you are holy! That’s true as well, because what we think, is what we are, wholly.

So here it comes, the final fight, of one eye versus two. I’m anxious for nothing, I’ve got a friend in You.

You tell me there is not much time, especially not for me. For which I’m grateful, because this, I wouldn’t want to see.

I never knew my role in life, I stumbled in the dark. Until the day it dawned on me, I had entered an Ark.

Baffled, Lord, what does this mean, did I perform my task? I know the answer, I know it now, the answer is: just ask. 

You really want to play a role, you’re a father to the core. You love us so to bits, you’re The Father I adore.


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