The song out of Africa

The book is almost closing, almost the final dot. The songs will come from Africa, did they ever not?

Europe and America, from nothing you arose. The 6 days they are over, on the 7th day we close.

The Exodus from Africa, we’re getting very close. Spirit Power Incoming, in holy spirit dose.

Young men will prophecy, old men will dream dreams“. The spirit would be poured upon us, one last time it seems.

In the year of Faith and of the Mouth, well you know what I mean. And it had to be, like clockwork, in the year 2019.

20 is Completion, and 2 stands for Division. When the world will split in half, and each half picks their mission,

It’s not self-fulfilling prophecy, for none had ever grasped this. It just happens, all the time, and none of us had asked this.

History is hilarious, so circular it’s Art. Monopoly, forever hopping, always back to start.

We never learn our lessons, there are but few who do. Spirit Power Incoming, you’ve got a friend in you.

It will be coming out of Africa, and out of Asunción, the last will become the first, and the first ones they are done.

The real one or the fake one, which Saviour will you pick? They’ll both dress up as angels, but just one of them will stick.

Africa the future, just as it had the past. And we, we were but visitors, the ones that didn’t last.

Just filling up the book, there had to be a story. Of the people who were asked, but forgot how you get glory.


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