Seeking Wisdom

Seeking Wisdom, I’ve done it my whole life.

From how to be an immigrant in a village where there was none, to being gay in a school where there was none other.

From learning the basics of Rhetorics, to the degree in Culturology and the structure of script and story telling.

From a decade spent to History, and a decade spent to Literature, to a decade spent to self-study and self-experimentation in Marketing, to all throughout reading about Psychology and Sociology. While learning 5 languages.

Seeking Wisdom, I’ve done it my whole life.

I cared very little for other goals or careers or bank accounts. Those just happened. Unimportant things that could evaporate with any dollar collapse anyway. One serious crisis and your neighbours kick you out of your house. Knowledge was and is the only gold. But I wanted better than gold. Wisdom. Not in the schooling system, not in the media. Definitely not in online courses in marketing. For those who have it, would be foolish to spread it to others.

And then, then, then I discover that Seeking Wisdom was also our life’s Mission.
And without that itinerary of 50 years, I would not have discovered that.
Seeking Wisdom.
I don’t know why I was born with that drive.

What was the Bible?

Was, because it was the book most taken away from you.
Was, because it will soon be mocked, taken away and burned.
Was, because it was the last and strongest weapon before we started falling, which we have been doing for 2000 years right because of it being hidden for us.

Before that happens, let me still quickly fill you in: it’s the best hidden secret of history. So hidden that for 52 years of my life I thought it to be old stuff, not having relevancy. And I always was a pretty open person. But not open to the Bible.
That only book to be called Books, and the most sold book at that.

I repeat, it says. I repeat. I repeat once again. I repeat, I repeat, I repeat, I repeat.
In The Book of Judges alone, it’s repeated 12 times. Each time in the 7 steps to recognise. Of how people and nations rise and fall.
And that’s but one of the many books in the Bible. That also anywhere else repeats and repeats and repeats and repeats.

Until it dawns on you: oh. my. word. That was my life. All the Plot Points when things went wrong or right. All the psychology and sociology and marketing; it was all in there. The washing of hands is in there.
I get it, by George I get it!

To seek wisdom, relentlessly. With all your heart and all your mind. That’s our only task. Not pacifiers, not information given to you or put into your heads, not dreams, not money, or any other idol.

Why are people demonised as “conspiracy nuts“? Because they dare to think for themselves. And that risks to set other people free.

Jesus is portrayed as a meek hippie. History is saturated with such incredible deceit (and will be so one last time). Jesus was a lion, showing you how to obtain health, grace, strength and fighting everyone at the same time, without any army. He was not optimistic about the future of humans. Everything He said came true, the past century in forever bigger steps, accelerating in the past decade, and nearing explosion right now.

Including that we would do the opposite of seeking wisdom: dumbification, turn away from seeking and delving, proud, become lovers of self, you name it. Not to mention the explosion in deceit (“Dead Sea Scrolls are exposed as fake“, yawn, as if the Bible didn’t predict that this would be said. There’s no word on CNN that is not yawn). 

To have no other gods. No gods to your liking. No gods that caress your ego. Gods that we invent to make our world more liveable and gods that coincidently happen to think what we think.

But wait. There are people who have obtained a higher level of wisdom than anyone else. Nations of 5000 and 10.000 years old. Little miracle that we have been peanut’ified. Run to and fro with bewildered eyes, what is happening?? And will all try to save our little lives (and thus lose them), try to be the first (and thus will be the last).

The trap is set. The door is closing. This conveyor belt has been in the making for so long.  For a decade now we’ve been led into the funnel. By forces who studied us, beyond our imagination.

There’s no escape. None of us can swim back. On the contrary, we’re even going to crawl more and more towards our pacifier, the gods of our imagination.

But what can we do? Go around like Noah, warning for a 100 years and be seen as a fool? “It’s Global Warming, fellow“. In the end he only saved 8 people, and that was his family.

Seek Wisdom. 
Now. Not tomorrow. Not this evening.
Many Muslims are doing it. Even in Israel some go: wha-a-at? 

Not just because it’s the only way for you to be able to mentally cope with the next 7 years.

Also when you are made not to want to believe of it, fulfill your life’s destiny.


Seeking Wisdom. Not receiving it by mail. From a friend. Popping up in your favourites. None of it is seeking.

Seek and you shall find.

That one cathedral of truth in our history.
That one thing that can get people through the rocky years to come.

You don’t have to be “religious” at all. The Bible is not about religion. It’s a system.


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