Miss Life

She walks on the stage
as a great big tease,
pulling off her gloves
for the Great Striptease.

Miss Amazing Life
she’s gonna make us all laugh,
she’s gonna make us all cry.

She’s gonna make us hum
to a tune you think to know,
make you focus at the sleeve,
but watch the handkerchief.

And in the midst of the chorus
she sings Take Five! 
for I’m not just Miss España,
I’m Miss Amazing Life!

You can watch and focus
on my great big act
I’ll draw attention to my legs
so you won’t see the fact.

I’m Life
Miss Amazing Life
I’m gonna make you all live
I’m gonna make you all die.

Not according to your ego
not according your degree
but according to the script
written behind the curtains you don’t see
also the writers don’t know zip
they just send in the clowns
begging Hey Big Spender,
spend a little life with me.

I studied cinema
I recognise a script
I know all about Plot Points
and where they’re supposed to sit.
I recognise story lines
and the gun in the beginning
Phi and Fibonacci
I can see how they fit.

I’m Life,
Miss Amazing Life,
of all the shows of history,
Baby, I’m it.

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