Be an eagle

Do we really have to be one,
to say: Watch out for ’27!
to break the news that all the wisdom
just had its 911?

Mind, this is not religion,
that never was the point,
they rolled it up for you to smoke,
hook you to the joint.

None knows the day, nor the hour
but are warned to spot the season,
here are the final 7 meagre years,
that’s not myth, that is reason.

We are an eagle and we know,
tsunamis and the clouds,
we feel the crack when it is shaping,
the patterns of the crowds.

Let no man deceive you,

it was said in vain,
2000 years of history,
have all gone down the drain.

You all sing about honesty
as loudly as you can
yet tell in all perplexity
I saw an honest man!

This is the State of the Union
it is no state at all,
around every corner there’s a Cato,
saying now Carthage it must fall. 

Do we really have to be the one,
to say it is coming!
That there are Cato’s in every corner
they’re dumbing and they’re drumming.

If there are only 50 left
righteous people, asked prophet Lot
will you then spare us, Lord of heaven?
and up to 10 he got.

We laugh about the wisdom,
about our fathers’ history, 
so fathers are withdrawing,
without fathers we will be.

Pompei fell, Gomorra did,
Babel and Berlin
Now first they’ll take Manhattan
for that’s the lynchest pin.

When do all the cities fall?
For slavery, exploitation
decadence and mememe,
and metoo it will be.

See it rolling in the west,
pink bubble of delusion,
but those with eyes, those with ears
are running for seclusion.

Noah preached for 100 years
that’s a prophets’ lot
Leonard Cohen sang it loud,
but what a soul he’s got.

Yes, soul is what it says it is
our compass and our clue
we ripped it out or let it die,
and departing we will do.

May you righteous people,
be as contagious as you can,
throw away that silly ego,
look at the state of man!

Rip that Pompei out of you
It forever tried to kill you,
your soul, your worth, your harmony
when will you ever see?

That you too were in slavery,
that you were never free.
You were but your own small plague,
please open, hear and see.

Be your
brothers‘ keeper,
your neighbours’ one, and not your own,
for him who tries to save his own life,
it was already blown. 

This is but the first of plagues,
many more to come,
that’s no religion, nothing weird,
it’s wisdom, my son!

You’ve had all your systems,
the playtime it is done,
now here comes your final test,
don’t be deceived, my son!

I’ve pushed you to your limits,
for that’s how wisdom comes,
I’ve shown you Job and Jonah,
daughters! sons!

Do you have the ears, have the eyes
both of them, not one,
Big Brother will be watching you,
yet, a bigger is to come.

The last will be the first,
that’s sheer psychology,
so Africa, there you go,
come bring the liberty.

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