Thieves in the night

Do you hear in the distance,
that lovely voice?
It is calling you home,
yes, you hear it, you have no choice,
in the silence you hear that voice.

It is humming so softly
and you lay wide awake,
oh goodness, oh badness
are  you really coming near?
Is this really happening,
the thieves in the night are here?

Is this the 1930s,
and this time we’re all jews?
Do we have an option, free will
can we really choose?

In your ears it’s ringing
saying focus on me, on me
not on storm or waves or turbulence
where your focus is,
is where you will be.

You can walk on water,
you don’t need 5G
don’t invent scenarios
let it sing, listen to me,
the lie is that what enslaves
and the truth what sets you free.

2 is the number of 2 choices
they’ll both present as Light
two sons, two women, and two thieves
one on the left, one on the right.

20 is finality
we were always right
We heard the thieves approaching
long before the night.

It’s why we left Babylon
still striking overnight,
there’s no escape from Pharao,
but it’s not our fight to fight.

The plagues, oh the plagues to come
we ain’t seen nothing yet,
both thieves wrestling
for both harvests, the stage is set.

Israel will wrestle,
for that is in its name,
“he who wrestles with God”
and we are but the pons
in the eternal game.

It was calling you softly
or still took you by surprise,
and it’s calling us home,
where we haven’t been for so long,
and we thought that it was gone.

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