So, where shall your help come from?

Yeah, well, do you still not know your Drum Major?
Do you still not know your fanfare?

Yes, Good and Evil are on the Move.
Unlike ever before.
World wide. Unique.
The Best and The Worst dancing their lethal tango.

Of course the great Chip Presenter will be packaged into a shiny, handsome, charismatic mannequin that will go “peace, peace” and “hope” and “youth“, and cuddling everyone’s selfish anxieties.  Performing miracles. Calling in the chickens for eternal slavery – and oh how they will flock in the hundreds of millions – and then starting their great destruction. Of course.

So how can something and someone so overwhelming, be fought?
The remnant of believers is oh so tiny… oh so in diaspora… oh so deceived… oh so scared… oh so looking for comfort… we are dreading this… oh ah uh… 

Yeah, well.
We’ve got Benjamin.
Tribe and Generation.

The last of the sons, the youngest of the sons, the smallest, the shortest, the skinniest, the gayest, the sweetest, the least experienced, the least expected, the least white, the least this and that.
And the one so ferocious and coming from left field, that he was winning against 11 tribes combined, each of them bigger than him. He was winning so much, that God simply had to intervene.

How did Benjamin get that ferocity, strength, element of surprise?
By always having been undeservedly blessed, 5 times more than others.
Earth and life are his comfort zone.

? Nope. Organised.
Someone had to become the confident Drum Major. Someone had to have so much confidence and little worries and trust life and God so much, that he would be better than any Alpha, or 11 Alphas for that matter, and drag a thousand people behind him.
Benjamin has no worries in the world. He roams this earth, loving the elasticity of its soil, believing that he can get away with anything. Yes, also standing alone against anyone and everyone. It’s even his bread and butter. He will whistle in the midst of an earthquake. Throw a nuclear bomb at his head and his eyes will shine:

I’ve never done this before, so I can do it”. 

Attack him with a karate move, and he will think: “I’ve never done this, wow, I will be brilliant in it“.

Benjamins lead the way.
Out of Babylon, out of this Egypt.
Where 30,000 children die of hunger every single day, or where 20 million die of cancer each year, which never stops the world one second, or even generates a thought. On the contrary, give people easy access, easy parking, easy self opening doors and easy listening and easy prices, and they are ready to accept everything. Especially when you promise them they can even feel proud about that. Yes, at least the curve of conscience has flattened. The curve of intelligence is flatter still: no more link with their cancers, their cognitive changes, the destruction of their happiness.

Evil washes its hands in innocence, and opens it’s big blue eyes: “I didn’t know”. 

I’ve got blue eyes. I know what you can do with them. I’m never fooled one second. I spot deception a mile away, so my TV already exploded 10 years ago.

In a world where you need the most advanced microscope, to find the last remnant of truth or intelligence in anything being broadcasted, written, said or thought.

As someone famous once said: It is finished. 

Start looking around you. The Benjamins are everywhere. You’ve got your vaccine.

Just as you already long had your virus, and long had your chip. 


Fly, Tribe of Benjamin
Tribe of Benjamin, what and where are you?

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