Benjamin religion

Fly, Tribe of Benjamin

Look, the little tribe of Benjamin leads the way. Then comes a great throng of rulers from Judah and all the rulers of Zebulun and Naphtali“.

Do you know the CONFIDENCE it takes to lead a procession?

How fit you need to be, and how confident? How… Benjamin?

You start off, at the moment when the crowd is at its most indifferent or sarcastic. The first glances merely say: “What does this fool think he’s doing“? Nobody expects anything. You feel like a fool.

It’s an impression to crush from the start. That takes confidence. Confidence not coming from being in a herd. Confidence that comes from within, from much training in your room, from knowing your routine – and knowing that it will be a great routine,  because you’re a Benjamin.

Your confidence is not just your confidence: you have to transmit yours to all those groups and bands coming behind you. They have to love being introduced by you. Basking in the presence of your talent. Having confidence in your directions.

It’s, in short, a job that only a Benjamin can do.
Always blessed in his or her life, always protected, and thus feeling to be able to walk on water. That’s not unfair. It’s the role. Ravenous wolf, victorious from beginning to end. Only that is why it can get away with being tiny and the last – and win against 11 larger tribes combined.

There are many Benjamins on YouTube. Who dare to say things so courageous or are so indifferent to bad comments, that we all dazzle and, possibly, dare to follow.

They are our Drum Majors.


Tribe of Benjamin, where are you?
So, where shall your help come from? Benjamin

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