The Chip.
The big, charismatic talker of Peace.
Who then starts the big war.

That’s it.

I remember the voice of my dad; I was toddler and he was giving me life lessons, in very, very easy language and images, so much so that 50 years down the line I can still remember them, or let myself be steered by them.
This is what the Bible is. The memory of a voice, of when we were human toddlers. And that a thousand voices in all tones have tried to drawn out. But this Father, has told life lessons that are impossible to erase.

Especially at a time when they are coming alive in front of our eyes. Very accurately and precisely so. So much so that millions on earth knew that it would start in 2020.

(If you think it will soon be over, forget about it, this is our new reality. Soon also all voices or blogs like these, that call out “the whole world’s a stage!” will vanish, and all that will remain are the officially approved and directed channels).

It will end, though. With Israel.
That ragtag bunch, no different from any other ragtag people or country. “Chosen“, only in the sense of being the main tool in the tool kit, used to shape other peoples. And that will now be used for our last catharsis.

The very, very big rock of humanity, where the message started, from where the athletes were commanded and forced to bring the torch to all corners of the world. The flow is over and ebb has started.

Self-fulfilling prophecy” is impossible. For of all countries on earth, Jesus is least known or read or taken seriously in Israel. He’s often even hated there. This is the last country that would read his prophecies.

It’s astonishing. The plan is astonishing. Woosh beyond our little brains, that we so like to worship or rely upon (never mind that they create unimaginable horrors and problems).

You need two eyes though to see it. Not that One Eye that Dajjal (Satan) is said to have. So that he does not see dimensions, only the visible and not the invisible. He’s poor in spirit. As so many humans have become one-eyed (my little ego or 3-pound brain can’t see it, ergo, it does not exist).

Go, my people, enter your rooms and shut the doors behind you; hide yourselves for a little while until his wrath has passed by”.

Bummer: for God “a thousand years is as a day”.
So what is “a little while“? 🙂

Have no fear“.
365 times in the Bible.

What are we here for?
NOT because a dictator forces you, and thus you only do it because it’s the law.
But because it springs up from you yourself, and you understand why.
That’s a King or Queen.

Bring light now. Bring people to safety. Bring truth, righteousness, peace in the minds around you. Be restless in your search how you can help. It’s time to be the King that you always had in you.

The war is on that. You and your power.


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