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Your words count, count your words

Obama was a gentleman. He praised his opponent.
Half a century of service to our country“.

And McCains’ chances further plunged. For what has been put into the mind? “O my word, he’s a centenarian“!

Words are war. Some use them bluntly and openly, some have studied rhetorics. Well, all children of ruling classes, for words are the mightiest weapon. They are the start of the whisper or cloud that can spread in a heartbeat. It’s the most powerful virus.

Why do we talk of “Spanish Flu” if it had nothing to do with Spain? Rhetorics. That sly-subtle art of making you appear to be a gentleman, but demonising and enslaving the mind of others.

You yourself talk yourself into strength or weakness, hope or misery. Your words are your main gene, that will start its rampage in you and around you. You can lift up whole families or neighbourhoods with your words, just as you can make them desperate and confused or hateful.

Why did the torture of Jesus start with a crown of thorns?
Because you always start with the head. This is where you start the weakening of resistance.
This is why media and schooling systems are so powerful or dangerous. Once the thorns are there, it’s very very hard for someone to still get them out. Even you yourself can’t. These thoughts might be painful, that pain quickly becomes your comfort zone. So should someone try to take that crown out, you will find any reason under the sun to pull it back on as hard as possible.

We live in an era in which whole masses have been made confused and weak. “It’s my childhood“, “the psychologist says it’s my unusual intelligence” (ergo: I’m superior, I’m divided from others), “we just can’t understand what’s going on in Syria“, “I miss a certain liquid in my brain“, “there’s just nothing I can do“, etc. etc.

Etc. Etc. Etc.


Spiralling into further alienation, depression, misery, helplessness.

Someone planted that seed, and now it rampages.

This is what words do. They are a war on your mind. They are a gene. Wanting to spread and become the only gene.

It’s what divides the ruling classes from the non-ruling ones, and why this truth is never taught anywhere else. For the truth will set you free.

When are you going to rule your class? Starting with yourself? Your health, your strength, your mental health? It’s time for your castle to be built.

The power of life and death, sits in the tongue“.


Read more? Suggestion: 2020, the year of rethoric


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