Self Improvement

Start being king now

The time is now.
To become king/queen of your life.
You have been forced to withdraw to your castle, so now make it such.

It’s your chance to proof yourself to be a Benevolent King.
Every ruler always had to start and practise on a few square meters.

As I keep saying, it does not matter whether or not you believe in the Kingdom to come. No prophet was here to start a religion, but a system. Always foretelling what systems there are and will be.

At any rate, after this, there will be a new “kingdom” (or world order).

This is your chance, to be a player in it.

The ‘Day After’, the Internet will be flooded with messages, unlike any time before. The one of your company will be drowned out, unless you have prepared the best or strongest one.

The ‘Weeks After’, many companies will go under, leaving only the ones with the best and strongest and clearest message.

Any crisis is a spring clean, in which lukewarm, hesitant, doubting go under. Only hot survives. This is our moment to know what we stand for, and to crystallize it.

Sure, that very first next system will be merely old wine in new wineskins. Global Government or something. New clothes for the same emperor. All the parochial governors (Presidents and such) are securing their spot in that Order by being good local managers, and so can you.

Your choice is whether you will play a role in it, or not.
And then, only then, you can chose which role – the one of light/freedom or of evil/dictatorship/fear/chip.

May the best kingdom, have the best kings and queens.


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