Your Power

When the Internet gets rationed, and the chairs around you get emptier and emptier, until you are all alone, remember a few things.

  1. That you have been trained in it.
  2. And that The power of life and death sits in the tongue“. 

When reading these words, people think: oh, yes, you can create and destroy happiness, in you and around you, with words. Which is obviously the case. We have captured and diminished this in and to “just basic psychology“. Especially in times of hardship, it’s not what you put into your mouth that destroys you, but what comes out of it. You are your own Happiness and Life Coach.

It goes beyond that though.

When at the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais says several times: “It’s the last time“, when someone calls the staircase at his home “The Big Danger“, when, as in the Netherlands, people sing a hit tune “I am a child of the devil“…

We as Christians shake our head.
For we believe in it, that still completely undetected energy, far above AI, that unfound chip in our head that is named Conscience, that says: “Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door shall open“.

We call it the still, small voice of God. Only audible by those who have the ears, or seen by those who have the eyes. Not yet by human reason (and humans, as per usual, being those know-it-alls, don’t even look for it, for what they can’t see, does not exist: they have declared themselves gods) (and, oh my, what a bloody mess they make of it).

Call it Free Energy, if you wish, that gold that the whole world is after, and that we already believe in. Which is the reason why the Bible is the most persecuted and best kept secret in history. Which authority would want you to be this strong?

Especially in these days, when we get tone deaf by the barrage of sounds, opinions, voices of fear, together shaping a confusing and depressing cacophony, possibly meant to make you ill or helpless and dependent, you should never forget this. That you have a weapon unlike any other, to slash you to fitness, happiness, health, peace of mind – and while doing so carving out a garden for anyone around you.

Do not fear” is the most repeated command in the Bible.
Some calculations say it’s stated 365 times.
You should not fear, because the only enemy that can get you down, is you yourself.
You do that by your tongue.

If you don’t know what to do these days at home, practise your tongue.
In this Hebrew “Year of the Mouth“.
So amusingly based on the number 20, which in the Bible stands for the perfect completion of the waiting time.

For so long many of us have been saying: “In 2020 it’s gonna kick off“, or “are you in place for 2020″?

This might be just the dress rehearsal, of both good and evil, but it’s worth to ask the question rather sooner than later:

Are you? In place?



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