Your brilliant roundness

Hello orange reader, hello lemon reader.
For you too are round.
And you too have their vitamins and power.

748B5385-B3E0-4BA9-8F7C-C508F6954C78Just as the earth is round.
Just as the orbits of the planets are.

So too are you, and so your orbit is.

You come from somewhere small, and then you start walking, and getting used to your town, and then to the city, and you travel and you buy… and then you start downsizing and then the ground floor apartment and the final bed… and you are back the baby that you started out as (what kind of baby where you?).

Like sea water that evaporates, and becomes clouds that travel, and then rain on land, and the water travels via rivers and streams back to the sea.

You are circular, elliptic, like the sphere of an atom.

Like us bombing countries and then the refugees come to us. Us occupying to get to the resources and food and cheap wood, and chasing the people off their lands and into our arms.

Like first there was darkness and then a civilisation springing up, expanding and getting stronger – and then petrified and rusty and decadent and going back to nothing.

What comes around, goes around.

That’s why we study point 0, that’s why we study the past, or obsess over our childhood or our flaws. So that we  see  how we repeat it again and again, and try to learn our lesson. While still knowing that it will still be the future. The circle is unstoppable.

Like we have a religion with magnificent ideas for happiness and harmony, and it spreads like wildfire – and it’s used for control and wars and brings us back to the same dark times we came from.

Like we have non-religion or anti-religion, as Nazism and Communism or Maoism, that all become even more powerful, and that all go down in even more unimaginable destruction.

Like then we worship scientists, as gods on the pantheon, and they invent vaccines to protect us against a virus, and then virusses become immune and stronger and kill more than they would ever have before. So that we have cancer, and more slavery then at any time in history; for every religion and every energy is always abused.

There’s nothing new under the sun.
For the simple reason that it is round.

You cannot break the circle. That would be like breaking you. Don’t break the orange.

What you can do is change its color and flavor and shine and span. You have the superpower to change your mind, and eyes. You can decide to spread light instead of cursing the darkness. You can decide to speak good things, and decide to be a great expanding and shiny circle.

You can decide to be a sun, lemon, olive, hand grenade, black hole – your life’s circle and that of people around you, is in your hands.

You can fly through walls and spin in opposed directions at the same time, as a quantum wave.

Or, as the common wisdom of the “common” man, always so much wiser, says:

All the little things you do, will keep on getting back to you”.

Your thought, your move, your action, right here, right now.
It’s the very first gesture of the circular judo move, using your weight, leverage and energy to tackle everything.


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