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When life gives you lemons

Ooow, what a friend we have in lemons.
Not even Olive Oil can compete – and that’s liquid gold. 

Not with billions of dollars, was the Beauty & Health industry able to make us sing love songs about a shampoo.

But as long as life gives you lemons, it gives you everything. 

EC1BDAF3-086B-4C88-9BFF-D271A4525A70One drop in your food reduces the need for salt.

One trickle in your glass as variation to your water.

One dash directly on your sink to clean it, or to degrease tiles.

One slice on each shelf of your freezer to eliminate bad odours.

One half in your bathroom, bedroom, hall as natural air refresher.

Lemon juice provides the means to create natural mosquito repellent and sun protection, even teeth whitener, and is even said to make you sleep better.

And that’s all on top of the vitamin C, folate, potassium, flavonoids and limonins, and the impressionist colour touches to landscapes – which is all on top of  the advantages that nature around you gives.

Little wonder that there have never been love songs about car fresheners, or no love affair started around a skin conditioner – but lemons provoked it all.

For they are 3 ounces of art, beauty and health.


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