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Live One Week in rural Andalucía

Save a tremendous amount of money, and change your life? In ONE GO? Come living a week in rural Andalucía. With the emphasis on living, not average holiday’ing.

Why would you do that?

Because people spend money on processed food, and then spend money on the gym, and then on beauty products, and then on an expensive Wellness Holiday, and then they spend money on their Spanish Class, and then on all the petrol in between all these things and all the kilometers of sitting in a car, … one long hellish treadmill that still changes nothing. 

Not their fitness, not their health, not their level of Spanish, not their cultural understanding, not the feel that they actually experienced something.

One week in rural Andalucía and, with the right mindset or determination, your level of Spanish will go WOOSH. This especially works best when you are on your own, and thus you have no other option than to, 24/7, dive into Spanish.

One week of shopping in the shops of the steep villages, is like living a week in a gym. Moreover since still many a local “tienda” offers fruits and vegetables coming from the own campo of the owner, so can’t be more fresh or ecological.

One week of living with locals, means discovering secretive corners, where the locals go to escape the tourist industry, – and where still no tourist comes. That can include little streams and waterfalls that will put a halt to your savings for Fiji.

One week of living with especially elderly locals, means eye opening tactics to reduce your ecological footprint, or discover cheap or free survival tactics.

Not to mention that this one week in the healthiest air of mainland Europe, is a cleansing in itself, and that the luxurious mindset of the rural Andalucian (who has got time, and less worries, for living in the land of plenty) might rub off on you.

What to pack?

  • A relaxed attitude. For you might just as well practise that.
  • An open mind. So you can actually take in the reasons for cultural differences.
  • And of course: your Life Bottle.

50910586-49D7-4722-9D83-78CEB8C42211To kick out plastic and the disposable lifestyle. It will happen anyway, and you might as well be its walking  billboard.

To fill with the mountain water of the Andalusian fountains, so your water is not flown in from thousands of miles away.

The bottle in this picture is a step forwards: better would be if it were a bottle of glass, since that’s the only material that doesn’t leave messy particles in the body.

How to plan and prepare?

Preferably as little as possible.
For then it would still become just another City Trip,  enjoyed but soon forgotten.

Following TripAdvisor ratings will only ensure that you stay on the beaten track and will only be surrounded by other tourists and expats, and a bland “Andalusianness”.

Go for the holiday rental or hostal that ranks very low in the search engines.

Or, why not, “Go with the flow”, the most imperial advice ever.


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