The talent of Letting Go

The greatest present you can give yourself in life is: “To let go”.

That’s not only because nothing gives you so much sex appeal and popularity as the talent to Improvise, though that is gold in itself.

And it’s not only because of the philosophy of Marcus Aurelius, one of the truly great and successful Roman Emperors, who came up with “Go with the flow”.

Developping your talent for these 2 attitudes might make you more happy, ready and prepared, it’s letting go that truly showers you with benefits.

The mechanism is simple:
We humans have a 3-pound brain. If we are going to plan our lives, it’s going to be anything but grand. Only the result of limited imagination, based on limited rules, self-imposed by a small ego or limited anything.

Just as obediently following the reviews of TripAdvisor, leads to nothing but the yawningly expected, a too strong attempt to make life fit into your box, is not a Life with capital L.

In any life of a human, who is not too afraid or addicted to ease, comes a moment that you no longer want to study or steer life. You no longer want to put the whip on the universe or try to squeeze God into a tiny box. You want life to steer you. To study you. For only then, you can make full use of the immense power and wonder, both in, and all around you. 

Only then, you live.
The amazing life in the grand scheme.

If we ourselves organize something, it’s but an insipid little ripple. Away from the incomprehensibly huge wave. People can be so afraid of the wave, whereas one can also just embrace it, in order to become that surfer who experiences the grandest and most thrilling of lives.

It all forever boils down to, and points to, the same thing. Be it the advice of Marcus Aurelius, be it the popularity of improvising, be it the Biblical message to “not lean on your own understanding”.

Our own understanding is a peanut solution. More often than not fixing something while destroying something else.
Letting life decide for us, letting life present us  the available dishes, open our doors, is grand. Trying to pierce or duplicate happiness together ourselves, according to our own little parameters, means reducing the gift of existence, to a Legoland Version.

Let go.
Practise it.
If only one hour a week.
It’s the greatest University Degree one can have, for all times of chaos, war, social unrest, or bad luck. With the current pity state of the world, it might be one you would really like to have.


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