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The Top 5 Luxury Items

They used to be common good, and have turned into rare luxuries.

Except here – in our land of plenty:

1. Cleanest air of Europe.
Now that’s a Pension Plan. That’s Beauty Care.

2. Gorgeous skies
And incredible starry nights. No light pollution

3. You become or remain fit
Now that’s Social Security. 

4. Neighbour sings flamenco out of the window
Now that’s culture. Without bookings, costs, parking problems, marketing, calculated script.
And what about experiencing this music: silence levels that you did not know to even exist? 

5. Few people
The less people in a location, the higher the value of each of them. Resulting in a social fabric that is as strong as a castle, and as safe and diverse as can be (or do you sit at a local bar with a goat shepherd, a farmer, a millionaire, and a famous flamenco singer?)

Oh, those advantages of disadvantages! 

Sometimes people complain: “There’s no industry or work, there’s no supermarket nearby, there’s no easy access, the alleys are steep, etc”.

A question of focus: do you focus on what you have or what you do not?

All the luxuries above, are the result of the complaints. You can see what you are lacking, or that they are an incredible gift.


PS. You want to give real luxury to someone else?
Then here are The 3 most majestic birthday gifts

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